Frosty the snowman

It was a regular heat wave in Kansas yesterday β€” The mercury even passed 50 degrees! Dan and I were determined to take advantage of all that sunshine and warmth…

We started by making a little snowman, named Frosty. Original, right?

He sure is cute, though…

Frosty’s kind of good-looking, too…

So proud.

Having done just about everything exciting there is to do in my apartment’s courtyard, Dan and I decided to go out to nearby Clinton Lake to hike around.

This required we blaze our paths at times…

While taking already followed paths at other times…

But I think the mud and wet was worth it when we got to the view at the crest of the mound…

And got to look down toward the lake large ice skating rink.

I also enjoyed the other view…

After taking all the scenery, Dan and I continued down the mound, toward the lake.

Sadly, we didn’t bring out ice skates, so weren’t able to test it out.

By that time, we were also getting kind of hungry, so we hiked back to the car and hoped there would be something we could fill up on…

A new frozen yogurt place? Don’t mind if we do…

I don’t think we could have made it otherwise!

Questions: Does your town have frozen yogurt shops? How’s winter weather in your area been?


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