Coconut butter love

If I had a nickel for every time I whined about being a “cheap college student,” I might not actually be a cheap college student. Sadly, things don’t work that way.

For the most part, my food budget goes toward vital groceries.

The standard weekly shopping list includes oats, romaine lettuce, apples, bananas, hummus, yogurt, etc. I basically only buy (and stock up on) pantry staples when they are on sale, because I don’t have to worry about them going bad too quickly. The little bit extra money goes toward a few wildcard items, which are most commonly ingredients for things I want to bake.

This always works out well and I’m still able to manage fun, healthy meals. But, it just doesn’t leave too much room for splurging on specific items ā€” No matter how au courant they may be.

Take for example coconut butter, one of the hottest ingredients in the food blogosphere right now.

The only problem is that it is also a little pricey, as in $11 per jar.


I just don’t want to sacrifice half a week’s worth of food for a 16 oz. jar. But, I also didn’t want to be in the dark about coconut butter, so I decided to take matters into my own hands by making my own.

Homemade Coconut ButterAll it takes is a bag of unsweetened coconut, a little food processor, a spatula and a little bit of time.

  • Pour in coconut.
  • Grind.
  • Stir with spatula.
  • Grind.
  • Stir (and repeat).

This may take a while, but keep with it ā€” It pays off!

Eventually, you end up with creamy, but gritty coconut butter that is naturally sweet and flavorful.

I taste-tested a little out, but then stored up the rest for later. When I went to get it later, though, I was reminded that coconut butter solidifies at room temperature. No big problem, because I just heated it up in the microwave and then drizzled it atop a complementary cup of Samoas ice cream.

Upon hitting the cold ice cream, the coconut butter hardened right up again, just like the magic shell of my childhood!

Love at first bite.

Questions: Are there any items on your food wish list? Have you tried coconut butter?

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