Call for questions

After frantically working to get my homework done last night, I woke up this morning to some exciting news: SNOW DAY!

Seriously, though, I would have seriously questioned KU administrators’ sanity if we didn’t have a snow day, because we are currently under a blizzard warning. That means heavy, blowing snow and below freezing temperatures. Basically, not good conditions for trucking to class.

Anyway, because I don’t have any homework, I’m working on addressing save the dates, playing around in the kitchen and keeping warm. I also talked Dan into coming back over bright and early — It was either then or never!

Later on we plan on watching a movie he picked up from Redbox and possibly sipping some hot chocolate. Only time will tell…

In case you are also snowed in and are bored, how about you think up a question to ask me! With nine months of blogging under my belt, it seems about time that I have a Q&A post! You can either ask a question in my comment box or anonymously at my formspring account.


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