Long day?

Hey, kids! Was it a long day for any of you, or was it just me?

Maybe it was because the whole day was gray and dreary…

Or maybe it was because I woke up bright and early for a workout with my friend Mandy. To give myself a little fuel, I snacked on a slice of whole-wheat homemade bread with peanut butter before taking off. Then, we braved the slippery sidewalks to head to the recreation center for a circuit-style workout.

I find that these kinds of workouts are best with a friend along. Whenever I run out of an idea for an abdominal or arms circuit, she is able to come up with something new. Plus, it always helps to push each other!

By the time I got back, though, I was ready for breakfast #2.

Consumed: Two frozen-and-then-heated pumpkin pancakes, topped with vanilla yogurt, coconut butter and cinnamon.

Then I took a short nap got cracking on some homework that I had been avoiding for the weekend. A few hours later, I was definitely ready for a lunch bread — But I wasn’t ready to invest too much time in the kitchen. I dealt with this by making up a package of lemon and fusilli pasta that I picked up from Target a couple of weeks ago. I also supplemented it with salad for some extra color.

Consumed: Romaine salad with a little vinaigrette and leftover steamed vegetables. Also a small bowl of the whole-grain lemon and caper pasta.

Thankfully, Dan came by a little while after lunch so that we were able to keep each other company while studying. Although it was nice to spend time with him, I really need to get in the habit of dealing with my homework before the last-minute. Truth is, usually I’m better about this, but I think senioritis/weddingitis is setting in!

Dan’s a big fan of quinoa, so I strategically decided to make it for dinner so that he would stay and keep me company! It also helped that I had an exciting new recipe to try, straight from Mama Pea’s kitchen.

Moroccan Quinoa Bake

The original recipe called for millet, but I subbed quinoa, crossed my fingers and hoped it would work. To my delight, it turned out absolutely wonderfully. I loved the mingling of cinnamon and citrus flavors — What an easy way to fit in an ethnic-inspired meal?

I acted quick after the meal, convincing Dan to stay even longer by enticing him with Samoas ice cream. I just know what the boy likes!

Eventually, there was no denying that I had to get back to homework — Even though we are currently under a blizzard warning.

(Seriously, KU, you really want us to go to school?)

Question: Do you have any favorite “ethnic” meals?

I gravitate toward Mediterranean style meals, with whole grains, healthy fats and feta (which is a category of its own!).




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