Exploring the tundra

Yesterday’s blizzard conditions made it impossible to see three feet outside the window, let alone actually venture outside to see how bad the pile up was. All the information I had to rely on was what Dan, an amateur meteorologist, passed along to me.

That made me all the more excited to wake up today to clear skies and crisp air — Perfect for adventure!

First up was an easy parfait, which was actually suited more for the middle of summer than a freezing winter day. Didn’t stop me from enjoying it, though…

Consumed: One non-fat vanilla yogurt layered with a sliced banana, a little chocolate protein granola and small bit of sunflower seed butter on top!

Just a warning: That is the only food picture I had from the day. After that point, it was basically catch-as-catch-can with a random bowl of cereal from Dan’s scholarship hall and a chocolate gooey ball from my freezer. I managed to sit down for a real dinner, but I was too hungry and too tired to actually take a picture. Just imagine a steamer pack of vegetables, drizzled with olive oil, simply seasoned with salt and pepper and served with an herbed garlic roll.

Now, back to Snowmageddon Part II.

After both bundling up, Dan and I headed out to explore the tundra. However, we quickly realized that my apartment’s parking lot really isn’t that exciting, so I best option was to find a way out…

Dan reassured me that his truck wouldn’t have as many problems with getting out of the parking lot…

The next task was just deciding where to go. Fortunately, that wasn’t too much of a task at all as we went straight out to Clinton Lake. Apparently the rest of Lawrence was content with just staying inside, drinking hot chocolate, because there were absolutely no tracks to follow — Unless you count cardinals’ directions.

Still, Dan and I managed to trek our way through the snow-covered brush…

Until we got to the top of the mound and came upon a view quite different from that five days ago

We spent a few minutes soaking it all in.

Unfortunately, that also meant soaking in all the cold air and below-zero wind chills, so we began our way back to the parking lots.

On the way back, we still spent some time enjoying the small wonders of nature, such as some premature flower buds…

Safe and warm inside the car, the drive that usually takes 15 minutes took more than twice that as Dan and I slipped and slid all over Lawrence’s uncleared residential streets. Once back to his scholarship hall, I had a unpictured bowl of cereal before bundling back up to head out with Dan and some of his friends for sledding.

A few bumps, bruises and exhausting walks up the hill later, I was ready to go — But not without soaking in one last great view…

Or two, if you know what I mean…

Note: Yes, those are icicles on his beard! We’re hardcore!

Second note: I planned on logging some time on the treadmill today. But, after hiking about two miles through a foot of snow and climbing a snow-covered hill multiples times, I’d say that my cardio for the day was covered!

Question: What do you like to do on snow days?

Also, don’t forget to ask me some questions for a Q&A post!

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