Confessions, Part II

With everything in life moving at super-speed, I’ve found that taking the time to reflect does a lot of good for my soul – Taking the time to then get those things off my chest does even better for the soul.

That’s why, six months, 2,000 miles and a few life changes since my last confessions post, it’s about time I unload a few more secrets…

#1: I almost never get tired of oatmeal.

Consumed: 1/3 C oatmeal cooked with 2/3 C water, vanilla and cinnamon. Topped with 1 T chocolate sunflower seed butter, maple syrup and small sprinkle of granola.

Even though I mix it up with pancakes, yogurt parfaits and blintzes for the sake of keeping things exciting, my heart is with oatmeal.

#2: Today, I went to school for the third time in 2011.

To be fair, though, this was only my third day with school in session! Between snow days, days off and an extra long winter break, I’ve really been enjoying some time void of homework. But all those good things must come to an end. Plus, I’ve been missing some deskie lunch photos!

Consumed: Romaine lettuce with some Moroccan Quinoa bake and a drizzle of olive oil. Also with an apple and a peanut and pretzel granola bar.

#3. Although I see the functional purpose of Uggs, I really don’t like them.

Not only are the boots clunky, but their bad traction make them very prone to slipping in the stairwell of the journalism building — But that’s just between you, me and the random boy who witnessed this.

#4. I’ve been making excuses about being anemic for long enough. Now I just need to get back to running.

As usual, I’ve been running four or five times a week. The problem is that these runs have been short in distance and lower in tempo — Simply not where I want to be.

Now, though, I am determined to get back on track by continuing with my strength work by also picking up the speed and distances on my runs. This should be aided by the fact that I began my marathon and half-marathon class today! I also got a confidence boost by picking it up with a speedier 3-mile run today and some arm strength training afterward.

#5: I’m still not convinced that Greek yogurt is my favorite type, but I still appreciate all the protein it packs!

Consumed: Non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt with a little chocolate protein granola.

I’m probably more of a fan of Light ‘n’ Fit yogurt than any kind of Greek yogurt, but I still like to keep my fridge stocked with both types!

#6. I have dozens and dozens of Tinkerbell, Winnie the Poo and Toy Story Christmas cards.
I learned the hard way all envelopes in the city of Lawrence are 3.75×5.75 inches — Just shy of the 4×6 size I needed to send out all my save the dates! Fortunately, my future mother-in-law came to the rescue by finding some newly old Christmas cards with matching (plain white) envelopes in just the size I needed!

Now, I just wonder what to do with Woody and Buzz holiday cards…

#7. My new favorite go-to meal is a package of mixed stir-fry vegetables.

I first bought this kind of accidentally, not realizing there were noodles included. But, since finding Emily’s “healthy peanut sauce,” I’ve been loving using the sauce with the ready-to-go stir fry.

#8. My meals aren’t always very neat and pretty.

Consumed: Lightly sautéed stir fry vegetables mixed with steamed edamame and an easy sauce of peanut flour, soy sauce, ginger teriyaki sauce and water.

I may stick my meal in a too-small bowl just because I don’t want to dirty another one. I may also eat with chop sticks and then switch to a fork. Regardless, the food I’m eating is just as delicious!

#9. I’m stepping back on the scale.

That’s right. No metaphor, no joke, no catch.

After a lot of thought, I decided it would be best for me to occasionally keep track of my weight. That way, I can know when I am balanced, rather than suddenly be shocked when I my weight is too low or too high for my comfort.

My plan is to keep the weigh-ins to once a week, so that I don’t fall into obsession-mode — And, knowing myself, I know that is a slippery slope. Still, I am confident that a scale can and will be a very useful tool in helping me achieve my happy weight range.

Question: Do you have any confessions?

Also, don’t forget to ask me some questions for a Q&A post!


10 responses to “Confessions, Part II

  • fitchocoholic

    If I weigh myself too much, its not healthy for me! But I am trying to gain some, so I’ve been weighing in once a week, on Mondays! Its really helped!

  • Natalia@ The Health Script

    I completely agree about Uggs. I don’t understand why they have completely no traction, it wasn’t very smart of the person who designed them.
    I have fallen a time or two (or three)and sadly it’s been in front of a huge group of people. Oh well!

  • Alaina

    I don’t like Uggs either. I’ll never understand them.

    I ran once the entire month of January, on a treadmill. Blah.

  • Jess

    I hate uggs, too…but they are necessary sometimes as you said!
    ❤ the oatmeal!

  • Jess

    My confession: I have a problem around Diet Coke. Loveeeeee ❤

  • kristensweetly

    Hi, there. First time commenting, I’m really enjoying your blog!

    For today: My bowl of oatmeal this morning (with some leftover banana dessert from last night) probably contained more sugar than oatmeal.
    In general: I could gladly consume 3 heads of broccoli for dinner, or 3 pieces of pizza.

  • Natalie

    I never get sick of oatmeal either! I think your use of the scale as a tool seems like it comes from a healthy place. I am a believer that it can be used in moderation.

  • Nicole @ Of Cookies & Carrots

    Totally with you on the uggs, oatmeal, and tinkerbell 😉

    I think uggs look delightuflly warm and I hate being cold/am frequently cold, so I ALMOST want some, but they’re just not that cute… dilemma!

  • alex

    confession: If i could I would eat crappy food all day long. Healthy food isn’t that good. To me atleast. I am so picky.

  • kissmybroccoli

    Oh my gosh, I totally feel you on the Uggs! I think they are soooo UGGly! Plus, they make your feet look like they belong to the Michelin Man!

    I will nevah get tired of my morning oats! I switch it up to keep things interesting on the blog, but I could never give them up!

    Do you like the taste of that Kroger brand Greek yogurt? I tried it and thought it was horrible and it had a weird sandy-gritty texture! Bleh!

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