Close to home

For the better part of my senior year of high school, my mind was occupied with thoughts of where I wanted to go to college. After having gone on visits at a variety of schools the year before, I pretty well had narrowed down my field to four options: University of Kansas, Michigan State, University of North Carolina and Notre Dame.

All throughout the year, I grappled with what would be the best choice, considering factors such as academic programs, social activities and costs. One thing I didn’t care too much about was location, because I didn’t think it would be a big deal to go away from home.

Obviously, I ultimately went with the University of Kansas. Coincidentally, this was also the closest option to my parents’ home in Nebraska…

Two and a half years later, I just can’t imagine how I ever would have dealt with being farther away from home! Not as though I go home that frequently or that I even see my family too much, but there’s just something about knowing they are just a few hours away that is really comforting.

This proximity is also helpful when I do need to spend some time at home for certain reasons, such as choosing bridesmaids dresses!

As per usual, this morning started off with a bowl of oats.

German’s (Not) Chocolate Cake Oats

Consumed: 1/3 C oats cooked with 2/3 C water, mixed with a little coconut extract and topped with toasted coconut and pecans. Also sweetened with a little maple syrup.

Dan’s the real German’s Chocolate Cake lover, as demonstrated by the fact that he demands it for his birthday. Still, I appreciate the flavor combinations of coconut and pecan! I made this breakfast-specific by leaving out the chocolate and sticking to toasted pecans and coconut. I made toasted these by heating coconut in a small, non-stick skillet on medium-high until it began to brown. Then I did the same with pecans. Super simple!

Next up was a morning full of classes. This got kicked off with my marathon class, where we did circuits and alternated with sprints and jogging — I don’t know whether it was the sprinting or the weird gymnasium air, but my lungs were burning!

Cleaned up, I continued on with some more academic classes. I got a very interesting break for lunch, because I was invited to join a few other journalism students for a lunch with John S. Carroll, a distinguished former reporter and editor. I was honored to be invited that I didn’t want to totally throw things off by catching a picture. To summarize, though, I just had a simple salad, a wheaty roll, sautéed veggies and one big cheese ravioli.

I had just one more class to attend and then I was free for the weekend!

First things first, I swung by to see Dan. Then, I loaded my car up with all the essentials.

This included, a snack for mid-afternoon.

(Later) Consumed: Two caramel rice cakes with chocolate sunflower seed butter. I passed on the apple.

It also included a (very necessary) mug o’ coffee!

Then I was good to hit the road!

Does that look like Nebraska/Kansas, or what?

All jokes aside, it is actually a really pleasant drive. I really enjoy turning up the radio and rocking out for a few, solid hours in the car!

It also helps to drive on a random Thursday night when very few other people are on the road. I (practically) made record time!

Back in Lincoln, instead of going home, I just continued on to downtown to meet up with one of my best friends, Katie, for dinner. Of course, I was quick to throw out the suggestion of going to Bread and Cup, which is probably my favorite restaurant in town. It certainly didn’t disappoint! Katie and I split a sampler plate, which included apple butter, hummus, sun-dried tomato pesto and olive tapanade with whole-grain baguette. We also split an ah-mah-zing roasted potato, rosemary and goat cheese pizza. Sadly, the photo doesn’t come close to doing it justice…

Although the food was wonderful, the company was wonderful-er. Seriously, what’s better than spending time with old friends? (And speaking of “old,” happy early birthday to Katie, who turns 21 on Sunday!)

Eventually, I made my way home and got to spend the rest of the night hanging with my parents and sister. Oh how my perceptions have changed since high school…

Question: What are some things you like to do with your parents?

I am very fortunate that my parents are active so that we get to spend time together walking, biking and running.

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