Mixed messages

Day two of waking up at home was just as nice and comforting as day one, except for one sad exception: There was no Today Show to watch. Who else dislikes that about the weekends? To be fair, I guess there is the weekend edition, but that’s really not the same…

What I lacked in Today Show-iness, I made up for in breakfast deliciousness.

Consumed: Toasted slice of Dakota Bread from Great Harvest, topped with crunchy peanut butter and a sliced banana. Served with a nonfat orange bliss yogurt (and a few rogue orange slices).

The star of that show was definitely a big slice of Great Harvest. I don’t think I could ever get tired of that stuff!

After catching the top stories on the local news, I decided to turn off the tube and finish up the non-school related book I’ve been reading, “Empire Falls.”

I used to think it was nearly impossible to balance a leisure book with all my school books, but it’s actually not that difficult — I just set aside time every night, sans computer or tv, and just fall into my book-of-the-moment.

Even still, this 500-pager took me a while to get through. Although it started off a little slow, it picked up fast and then held my attention all the way until the end. Another benefit of my finishing it up at home was that I got to leave it for my sister to read. I love it when we read the same book — It’s like a two person book club!

Shortly after finishing the book up, my mom swung back by home so that we could go out to do some errands. First on my priority list was going to Trader Joe’s. Good thing we were on a schedule, because I could really spend a whole day in that store not realizing how much time has passed! Instead of aimlessly roaming the aisles, I picked up a few necessities: almond butter, white bean hummus, vanilla, some dried wile blueberries, in addition to a few other gems.

After running a few more errands with my mom, we went back home and went out for a run that we didn’t even have to bundle up for! We were aiming for four miles, which is what our half-marathon training plan has for the week’s long run, but we didn’t bother to map anything out. Remarkably, when I got home and mapped out the route we had run, it 3.98 miles — And that wasn’t even counting all the swerving we had to do to get around puddles and a few lingering icy patches.

Similar to the run the night before, I wasn’t too hungry before the run, but I was starving afterward. Time for another quick lunch!

Consumed: Burger salad with romaine, a Trader Joe’s veggie burger and a little Italian dressing. Also served with an orange and a dark chocolate-covered piece of peanut brittle.

And, in case you’re wondering, yes, that is a Halloween plate. What can I say, it was a perfect sized shallow bowl for my salad!

That’s not even the worst of it, though, considering I ate my orange off of a Christmas plate!

Talk about mixed messages…

I digress. After packing up, it was time to say goodbye and hit the road back to Lawrence. Although the drive is pleasant, it can also get a little boring and sleepy. To deal with this, I always blare the radio and sing along. When that’s not enough, I have to take serious measures by breaking into a few of my Trader Joe’s snacks.

By noshing on a few dark chocolate-covered pretzel slims and a handful of fruit and nut multigrain cereal, I gained enough focus to zone back in on the road. The rest of the way was just easy driving!

When I got back to Lawrence there was only one thing on my mind: seeing Dan! Because he’d had a longer day of driving and I didn’t have much in my fridge, we were both up for going out to eat at Jade Garden, a Chinese restaurant.

Consumed: “Vegetarian’s Delight” with brown rice and a little additional soy sauce. (I passed the crab Rangoon off to Dan.)

Whereas Italian places have bread sticks and Spanish joints have tortilla chips, I always look forward to the fortune cookies at Chinese restaurants. Even though I pass on the bland cookie, I always get a kick out of the fortune. Today’s was especially classic…

Hmm, how insightful. Guess it’s true, though, because I agree that love is nice…

Questions: Are you able to balance reading for pleasure with everything else? What is your favorite genre book?

P.S. Happy 21st to my best friend Katie!


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