The thaw

Apparently yesterday’s blanket of fog was preceding a massive heat wave — We hit a record high of 76 degrees ’round these parts!

I could barely contain my excitement. Nearing 80s in the middle of February? Is this real life? Sadly, the weatherman is telling me this isn’t going to last; possible snowstorms are forecasted for Monday.

With so little time to take advantage of such fantastic weather, I made sure to be outside as much as possible. Take for example my venture outside to take breakfast pictures this morning.

Consumed: 1/3 C oats cooked with 2/3 C water, cinnamon and vanilla. Stirred with grape jelly and a thinly sliced banana. Topped with a spoonful of almond butter.

I am officially obsessed with Trader Joe’s crunchy roasted almond butter with flax seeds. Aside from the facts that it has incredible texture and deliciously almond flavor, it has perfect vicousness. It practically drips off my spoon (and into my mouth)!

Anyway, fueled up from breakfast, I headed back outside to walk to class. I forgot how relaxing that is! Yet another reason I am excited for spring. My relaxation was quickly ended when I got to my running class. We headed back outside to jog to Lawrence High School, which is a little less than a mile from campus. Once we got to the LHS track, we were given two options: a ladder workout on the track or a stair workout on the stadium bleachers. I opted for the latter.

Half an hour later I was throughly exhausted, but feeling good. Remarkably, I even convinced my legs to turn over and run me back to campus. I love workouts like that!

I was riding a high for a little while after my workout, but I felt a crash coming on by the time my real classes began. Ugh.

Needing something to look forward to, I texted Dan to ask if he wanted to meet up when he was done with classes. Two classes and too many minutes later, Dan and I met up and went back to his hall to eat lunch.

Consumed: Clif trail mix bar, a non-fat vanilla yogurt and a Pink Lady apple.

After speeding through lunch, I hiked back up to campus for my normal 1 o’clock class — Only then did I discover class was canceled! My guess is that the professor was playing hooky to enjoy the weather!

Anyway, I promptly turned around and walked straight back to Dan’s hall. He was just as eager as I was to take advantage of the weather, so we decided to walk down to Lawrence’s less-than-pretty river — As they say, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

On this journey, we even got to wear short-sleeves!

The warm, dry air actually reminded me more of fall than spring…

Although the thawing sheets of ice indicated otherwise…

Rather than retracing our steps from the river back to Dan’s hall, we made a detour through downtown. Unfortunately, news just broke that Lawrence’s Borders Bookstore is closing. Although I’m not happy about this, I am happy about the idea of a book liquidation! I wound up getting a new reference book — And I plan on going back before the doors are shut for good!

Dan had to get to homework and I had plans to meet up with a friend for coffee, so we headed back to campus. An iced skim-milk latte, some coffee talk and a bus ride (I was ti-i-red!) later, I was back home and ready for an afternoon snack. Around this same time I read Tina’s post about craving vegetables and — believe it or not — it got me craving vegetables (and legumes, if you want to be technical).

Consumed: Steamed edamame, sautéed Brussels sprouts and some carrots.

Because it was my equivalent of Friday, I decided to take a little homework break and to relax for the remainder of the afternoon. Around dinner time, something miraculous happened: It was still light enough outside of me to take my meal picture! I never thought I’d see the day…

Consumed: Some black beans, drained, rinsed, mixed and heated with cumin, salt and a spoonful of salsa. Topped with a little cheese and served with a few tortilla chips.

I couldn’t help but think these were backward nachos: A whole lotta’ toppings and not so many chips. Delicious!

The rest of my night was so unremarkable that it’s not even worth mentioning. I did break from relaxing to pop a small bag of popcorn with chocolate chips later — I love that combination of salty and sweet!

Tomorrow’s forecast isn’t quite so sunny, which is both good and bad: Good in that I might be productive with my time. Bad in that I had to admit winter’s still here. Ugh.

Question: What do you look forward to most about spring?

I cannot wait for claps of thunder, flower buds emerging from the ground and still-sunny evenings!


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