Sunshine and roses

Life’s not all sunshine and roses, huh? Maybe so, but it sure is some still-good other things. Take today for example…

Life is sleeping in late. My mom was on her way through Kansas, so she stopped to have a little sleepover with me! We did a lot of web surfing, trying to figure out some of my wedding accessories — By the way, that is a much better slumber party activity than painting each others’ toenails!

Life is enjoying simple, delicious breakfasts. With a late wake-up time and plans for lunch, I didn’t want to have too filling of a breakfast. That’s why I relied on an ol’ favorite.

Consumed: Two slices whole-grain bread with crunchy almond butter, banana slices and cinnamon.

Life is fitting in workouts during otherwise busy days. The original plan was to head outside for a run with my mom. But, the sub-freezing temperatures dissuaded us. Instead, we headed over to my apartment’s gym for some side-by-side treadmill action! I ended up logging two speedy miles before we had to get home.

Life is having a lunch date (plus one). After cleaning up, my mom and I picked Dan up from his classes. Then we headed downtown to a lunch at Global Cafe. First up for me was a steaming cup of coffee!

The whole meal came before too long.

Consumed: A small cup of red pepper bisque. A whole-grain, veggie pressed sandwich with zucchini, onion, mushroom, carrot, red pepper and goat cheese.

Life is hitting up sales. I’m really sad to see our local Borders Book Store going out of business, but I was happy to take advantage of some liquidation prices!

I grabbed a few “reading” books and a few “skimming” books. Has anyone read “The Lady’s Slipper” or “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything”?

Life is saying “goodbye” to my mom, knowing I’ll get to see her again soon. It was such a treat to spend time with my mom, but we both had to get back to reality.

Life is turning my attention to studying. I’ve been semi-avoiding studying for two tests I have tomorrow. This hit me hard this afternoon as I spent a few hours reviewing notes on personality psychology and media ethics.

To keep adequately fueled, I had a few snacks.

Consumed: Steamed edamame with whole-grain goldfish and cinnamon apple tea.

Life is vamping up some left-overs for dinner. I had some pizza and left-over salad in my fridge that were just screaming to be eaten.

Pro tip: If you plan on taking left-over salad home from a restaurant, ask for a box and the dressing on the side before you begin eating. Then, divide the salad and only put the dressing on the portion you plan to eat at the restaurant. That way, the take-home lettuce doesn’t wilt with acidic dressing!

Consumed: Whole-wheat pizza with hummus, pesto, sautéed mushrooms and onions. Salad with roasted red peppers, mushrooms, goat cheese, roasted broccoli and edamame dressed with Balsamic. Served with freshly sautéed Brussels sprouts.

And, you know what?

Life sometimes is sunshine and roses!

Flowers are courtesy Dan. Sunshine is courtesy the grace of God.

Be happy!

Questions: What are you happy about today? Do you have any book suggestions that I should try to nab before Borders is totally closed?


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