Crouching blogger, hidden dragon

Oh, there’s nothing better than waking up from a series of unseasonably warm days only to find the temperature has dropped off during the night — And by “dropped off,” I mean, “hit a point well below freezing that only crazy people would go running in.”

With the comfort that my running class would probably be inside, I enjoyed a bowl of oatmeal without a care in the world.

Consumed: 1/3 C oats cooked with 2/3 C water, cinnamon and vanilla. Topped with frozen blueberries, dried blueberry-flavored cranberries, grape jelly and a spoonful of almond butter.

So then, imagine my shock upon getting to my running class and realizing that, yes, we were going outside. That evoked a serious “ugh” from the crowd…

I would have been ok if only I taken my own bits of advice on preparing for cold-weather runs. Alas, I didn’t, which meant I was stuck running multiple 400M “sprints” in my big (albeit lightweight) coat. Did I say “ugh,” yet?

There is no denying that I felt pretty good after I warmed back up — Nothing beats a morning workout, even if it is freezing and intense!

Two tests later (Idon’twanttotalkaboutit,butIthinkIdidwell…), it was definitely time for lunch.

Consumed: Big veggie salad with sautéed Brussels sprouts and dressed with Balsamic and hummus. Served with an orange and a chocolate chip granola cookie.

Pretty impressive lighting, considering this was taken in the middle of the journalism school, right? Yeah, well that’s because I crouched down next to the oh-so awkwardly placed window to take the shot.

There were people around.

Anyway, two classes, one happy hour-priced latte and one Fiber One bar later, I was more than ready to be home — Especially because there was a special treat waiting for me!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but a tragedy befell my house last fall: My dear blender just up and broke. I know, I know… Time has mostly healed those wounds, but I couldn’t help but feel the painful absence of a blender in my life. It wasn’t until Dan and I were shopping at the supermarket the other day that I noticed an incredible sale on blenders and decided I could live no longer without one.

To celebrate my new purchase, I made an inaugural smoothie.

Consumed: Three ice cubes blended with ~1/4 C almond milk, one banana and a spoonful of almond butter. Served over a cup of non-fat vanilla yogurt and sprinkled with chocolate granola.

How did I go so long without?

There were three other big, wedding-related highlights to the day: I bought my necklace, my hairpiece and invitations! I really want to share the details with you all, but I also don’t want to give just too much away to Dan. So, I decided it would be most appropriate for me just to give a very simple picture of the items, rather than what they look like in person/on. Sound good?

Necklace: The neckline of my dress complements a variety of types of necklaces. Personally, I wanted something with a little sparkle that didn’t pull too much attention away from the dress. That’s why I immediate fell in love with this beauty…


Hairpiece: I’ve always considered my style to be kind of natural-chic (others may beg to differ). That’s why wearing flowers in my hair just seemed right! However, I wanted to keep them the same color as my dress…


Invitations: The theme of our wedding is based around sunflowers, so I searched high and low for a design that I integrated the flower in. Finally I found the perfect one — And not a moment too late!


I love making progress like this! Next step is deciding on shoes — Any suggestions?

You can also check out my first wedding style report!

Questions: What kitchen appliance could you not live without? What popular kitchen appliance do you think is unnecessary?

I couldn’t like a day without the microwave, as sad as that sounds. I do some things the ol’ fashioned way, but the microwave really does come in handy!

I don’t have an electric mixer and am pretty ok with that — Plus, this helps me build arm muscles.

P.S. The “dragon” is hidden, because it does not exist in this post. I just couldn’t get that title out of my head!


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