Honeymoon dreamin’

First of all, thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on my last post. My experiences would mean nothing if I didn’t learn and grow from them!

As for today, weather conditions went from cold-rainy…

… To icy and sleety…

… To full-on snowy, just in time for the sun to set…

We accumulated three inches of snow in just as many hours. Add to that a thick, underlying layer of ice and it made for treacherous road conditions. In fact, it took Dan one half an hour to drive the two miles to my house.

Maybe that’s a sign there shouldn’t be school tomorrow. I’m just sayin’.

Either way, it was definitely a sign to Dan and me that we should start getting serious about our honeymoon plans. Just imagining that, yes, it can be warm and sunny somewhere in the world seemed to brighten my mood!

When we first began talking about honeymoon options, the first idea that came to mind was to travel up to Mackinac Island, which is located in Michigan, and then cross over into Canada. But, when it came down to the real logistics of pulling that off it became apparent that it was going to be a lot of coordination and — surprisingly — a lot of money.

After realizing that we could spend the same amount of money, but take a fuss-free Caribbean cruise, our decision was about as good as made. We just had to figure out what cruise line!

Now, I’m no pro in sorting through messy travel deals, but the cruise websites do a good job of laying out all the deals in clear language. It doesn’t hurt the sale that they also show off lots of pretty pictures.


Although we haven’t made a final decision, it doesn’t look like we can go wrong — Even though all I really need for my honeymoon is my honey! (Would you care for some crackers with that cheese?)

No denying that there is a heckuva’ lot more to do (and probably a lot more gross weather) before we get to set sail. Nonetheless, it sure doesn’t hurt to dream on days like today!

Friday Fragments: I suppose I am a little behind the current, but this week was the first time I caught wind of a new study that said 90 percent of women have felt mean and negative vibes from other women.

The gist of the study, laid out in “The Twisted Sisterhood,” is that women have unique ways of simultaneously supporting and sabotaging each other. In pop culture, these phenomena are jokingly referred to a “frenemy” relationships, but it really is no laughing matter — And the negative ways that women are effect goes to demonstrate this.

My first reaction to reading about this was, “Yeah, that’s life, isn’t it?” And, I’d be willing to guess that most women who survive high school (or, worse, middle school) would agree. But, the more I thought about it, the more disturbing it is that this doesn’t end with high school graduations, college graduations, mortgage assumption, etc.

So, then, what would it take to stop this cycle of negativity? How can women learn to support each other without a side of sabotage?

Unfortunately, there is no way to suddenly change society. But, we can change our own attitudes. We can be proud of our friends’ accomplishments and encourage their endeavors. We can make these things happen in our own lives and maybe then the goodness will spread…

What do you think?


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