Cake tasting love

Oh, how quickly and dramatically Kansas weather changes.

One day it’s all freezing cold thunderstorms. The next is bright and sunny, with birds chirping and buds a’ blooming.

I would have loved getting out for a run. But, even though the skies had cleared, the sidewalks were still too icy for my morning workout — and I didn’t want to take my chances. Instead, I logged one hour on the elliptical. Nonetheless, I wanted to take advantage of the sun by carefully walking all. the. way. across campus (it’s a big university, so that’s saying something!) to attend to some business.

Lovely. Just lovely.

But if you follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook or just bumped into me on the street, you would know that I was excited about today for another reason: It was cake tasting day!

I’ve been working with Cami, from “Camicakes,” to talk through flavors and styles. But nothing compares to the real-deal taste test!

Ahead of time, Dan and I narrowed down the list of flavors to those we really wanted to sample. Cutting down the list is hard work, itself. I felt like I was crossing a dear friend off the guest list every time we crossed a flavor off the list.

Eventually, we managed to get the flavors down to five options: dark chocolate + peanut butter, vanilla + fresh strawberry, white chocolate + raspberry, dark chocolate + mint and German’s chocolate.

Oh my gosh, there are almost no words to describe the bliss I felt — Dan said I was practically bursting (although I’m pretty sure that was an exaggeration)! He’s one to talk, though, because I could tell this was one wedding-related errand he wasn’t upset about going on.

Even amidst all the dorky, foodie excitement, I did have a game plan for approaching the whole taste test: I wanted to really experience the flavors and analyze what I liked best. Although I really, truly loved them all and would have been happy with any of the options, I will give them a little analysis, for all your sakes. Don’t say I don’t care…

Dark chocolate + Peanut butter — Going into the game, this was my #1, top choice. Although I wasn’t a total letdown, it wasn’t quite as mind-blowing as I hoped. Something about the texture of the frosting, I think.

Vanilla + Fresh strawberry — This was very reminiscent of strawberry shortcake, minus the dense biscuit bottom. I liked the strawberry flavor, but I know it will be all the more vibrant for our summer (strawberry season) wedding!

White chocolate + Raspberry — To be entirely serious, this was my favorite. Loved the white chocolate chips in the cake. Loved the “smashed” raspberry topping. Loved the sweet frosting. Loved, loved, loved. We will probably use this as the main cake flavor.

Dark chocolate + Mint — I’m a sucker for anything that combines chocolate and mint and this was no exception. This also hit the marks in all the places that the peanut butter combination failed: the frosting was light and flavorful.

German’s chocolate — German’s chocolate is Dan’s all-time favorite cake flavor, so I consider him an expert. According to him, this was really good. I also agreed, but it will never be my top choice.

Dan and I both left the cake tasting feeling very satisfied with the flavors and with the conversation we had with Cami — I know she’s going to do a great job in creating our wedding cake (and cupcake) dreams!

Question: What are your dream wedding cake flavors?


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