Mélange of a post

I like to think of myself as a “word person.” I love expanding my vocabulary and finding new ways to express my thoughts. For these reasons, the dictionary and thesaurus are continuously pulled up on my computer…

Thanks to my editing experience, I am also very critical about words’ possible connotations.

For example, the words “random” and “jumbled” are generally considered negative. On the other hand, the synonym of “mélange” seems much more positive.

That’s why I’ve decided to refer to this as a mélange-post, rather than a random, jumbled post!


Breakfast made my mind wander ahead to my Caribbean honeymoon — Too bad there was actually a single-digit wind chill when I was eating!

Consumed: 1/3 C oats cooked with 2/3 C water. Topped with a little fruit juice, mixed tropical fruit chunks, unsweetened coconut and a spoonful of almond butter.

I think the tropical breakfast got to my head, because I dressed in a bit more of a “warm season” outfit. Not totally practical, but fun to model with!

(Oh, what a morning of isolation does to me…)

The rest of the morning was dominated by one very important task: Deciding on my wedding shoes! March certainly sounds like an early time to begin shopping for July shoes, but it is actually very necessary — I have my dress alteration appointment at the end of the month, so I need to have the shoes by then!

I had been surfing the web to narrow down my ideas of what I wanted. Based on the wide, wide variety of shoes, I decided I wanted a peep-toe style with about a three-inch heel. The other big point of contention is that I want blue shoes, which will count as my “something blue!”

Even though there were some very good options, I didn’t feel comfortable with buying shoes without trying them on — I have really awkward feet, so I get picky!

With my narrowed-down list, I went over to Famous Footware (the only big shoe store in town) to look at the selection. I quickly discovered that there were few blue heels and even fewer that I’d ever dream of wearing. So, I opened up my search to all peep-toes. I tried on a few pairs, but the second I walked around in some “Carlos” by Carlos Santana heels, I was sold — Like walking on a pillow!

The problem was that the store didn’t offer the shoes in blue, so I took the information down and went back home to look them up online. Found ’em, bought ’em!


The shoes seem like a big item to check off my to-do list, but Dan and I actually checked an even bigger item off the list yesterday: We decided on our rehearsal dinner site!

And, let me tell you, nothing like reinforcing a decision like seeing a really horrible alternative!

Here’s a glimpse of the reject…

And the winner!

This picture doesn’t really do justice to the very polished, vintage style of the place. I love how the owners work to combine great food with a very comfortable vibe. Best of all, we get to use the patio!

It also didn’t hurt that Dan and I were treated to a homemade slice of cheesecake.

I am even a fan of the restaurant’s name…

Questions: If you are married, what were your items for “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”? If you’re not-yet married, what would you want to use for your “something” items?

For “something old,” I think Dan and I are going to use my parents’ ring-bearing pillow. The obvious “something new” is my dress and my “something blue” will be my shoes. I’m still just stumped for “something borrowed!”

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