Guess what this is?

Happy Saturday, lovelies! I hope the weekend is off to a fun/relaxing/perfect start!

If your definition of “weekend,” means a total break from thinking, I’m sorry. I’m going to make you turn on those little lightbulbs for this post!

First up, guess what this is…

Consumed: Three small whole-grain pancakes with sunflower seed butter, all-fruit jelly and half of a banana (also covered in sunflower seed butter)!

That would be my breakfast before taking on a seven-mile run.

And this would be my “sophisticated water” with lemon slices…

I am actually surprised by how flavorful just two little lemon slices can make a whole bottle of water!

Even though I tacked on one more mile than last week, I would say this actually felt better and easier. I’m choosing to believe that means I’m just getting in better shape (although, in actuality, it’s probably because I went with a less hilly route)!

I had just enough time to go home, get cleaned up and pick Dan up for lunch. Guess where we went?

That would be the Melange Apron, where we are having our rehearsal dinner!

(Side bar: I had a horrible dream last night that it was the day before we were getting married and I forgot to do everything! Worst of all, I even wore my wedding dress to the rehearsal. Not. Going. To. Happen.)

The best thing about the Apron is that it has genuinely great food. Not “great small town food” or “good food,” but really, really great food — And I like to think I know a thing about that.

Consumed: “Spring Salad” with house-made blackberry vinaigrette, dried cranberries and goat cheese.

The fact that the Apron even OFFERS goat cheese is impressive, let alone the fact they use it with one of the most delicious salads ever. This dressing is to die for!

Now, guess what this is…

A black bean burger! This place just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? Once again, not only is it a simple black bean burger, but it is one of the BEST black bean burgers I’ve had. Perfect texture, perfect seasoning, perfect cooking…

Later in the afternoon, I was able to take a quick nap before heading back to Baldwin to watch KU play in the Big 12 quarter-finals.

Guess what this is…

Consumed: Whole-wheat pita slices, pesto hummus, carrot sticks, fresh strawberries and nachos.

That would be part of the dinner I threw together at Dan’s parents’ house. But, even more than that, this was the end to a wonderful day.

And then the Jayhawks won.

Questions: How are you starting off your weekend? Are you a big basketball fan?

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