If there is one sign that means “spring” to me it is the arrival of fresh, delicious berries. Sure I love the bird chirping and the flowers blooming — But they aren’t nearly as tasty as sweet berries.

This morning, I based my bowl of oats all around some juicy blackberries I picked up for a great price at the store.

Consumed: 1/3 C oats cooked with 2/3 C water. Topped with milled flax seeds, blackberries and a spoonful of sunflower seed butter.

No extra sugar, jelly or toppings (sunflower seed butter doesn’t count). Just the flavorful blackberries!

Later on in the day, I knew I would be much more productive by getting out of the house and changing my scenery than by just staying at home. Does that ever happen to you?

So, I packed up my books and lunch up (but not my camera) and headed over to Starbucks. Obviously, this was a win-win scenario, because I also got to take advantage of a little petite treat. Thanks, Starby!

About that, though…

Funny how all it takes some times are little acts of kindness to remind me how wonderful this world is. This has been extremely evident to me these past two days as I experienced three small-but-meaningful acts of by good Samaritans.

The first good deed began innocently enough. When Dan and I were at his house last night, I noticed that I didn’t have my phone, but I figured I had just left it back in my room. A while later, Dan got a text message from “me.” Apparently I had dropped my phone in the parking lot, where it could have easily been run over, and some one from my apartment complex picked it up. The person must have noticed I text Dan the most, so they told him that my phone was safe and sound and that I could come get it from their apartment.

Now my phone is back in my possession (and firmly attached to my side).

The next good deed came at Starbucks, where I was in search of free treats. The only problem was that it was just past noon and the promotion for one free petite treat doesn’t start until 2 o’clock — Always read the fine print!

I was a little bummed, but didn’t want to encourage the barista to bend the rules. But, she suggested that I could just take my drink now and PAY for it at 2 o’clock. That way, I could also get a cake pop! (Apparently, the registers could only process the free treats after 2 o’clock.)

That was no problem at all, because I had plenty of work to keep me occupied until that time. On my way out, I stopped back by the counter, paid for my drink (plus an extra tip) and got my “birthday cake pop.” Yay!

The final good deed came at the grocery store. I had my heart set on making pesto lasagna for dinner, so I knew I was going to have to bite the bullet and get some pricey basil. Still, I was really disappointed to see that none of the basil was looking particularly fresh — not unusable, just wilted — even though it was priced at its regular high, wintertime price.

On a whim, I asked one of the managers to take a look at the basil and see if I could get a discount. To my surprise, he actually said yes! He took the basil back to the store-room and put on new “manager’s special” price tickets for half the price I would have otherwise paid!

The good deal I scored made me even more enthusiastic about making the lasagna. Can you believe that I’ve never really made lasagna on my own? Well, if I’m going to start off with any lasagna this is definitely the one I’d choose. SO GOOD.

Most impressively, I followed the recipe really closely (I’m known for making lots of substitutions and changes) with the sole exception of alternating toasted walnuts for toasted pine nuts.

I got it out of the oven right around the time Dan got home from his long day of work. He had six pieces. I think he liked it.

Making this boy smile counts as a good deed, right?

Questions: How do you like to “pay it forward”? Have you experienced any good deeds lately?



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