Detail oriented

Yesterday it was snowing. Today was sunny and 50 degrees. Tomorrow the temperature is nearing 80 degrees.

That’s the story of Kansas weather. It’s almost too hard for me to keep up with, I tell ya’!

I’m not complaining too much about this change, however. As long as it’s getting warmer, I am happy!

Heck, I even got to kick my feet up and soak in the sun…

Although I wasn’t the only one enjoying the temporary reprieve of gross weather…

Well, while I was sitting there, contemplating the existence of man, another topic crept into my mind: That little wedding I’m planning!

First of all, I am totally amazed that any one was ever able to plan a wedding without the infinite tools of the internet. How was that possible? If that was the case for me, I probably would have just booked the first caterer I found in the yellow pages, never known about save the dates and ended up with a totally chaotic event. Instead, I feel like I’ve been delicately guided through the planning process with tips, suggestions and various points of inspiration.

The only downside to this all is that I can (and do) get caught up in all that wedding blogs have to offer. Between the breathtaking photography, the unique details and the motivational power of all that love, it’s easy to get sucked in for a good hour (or eight).

At least I have something to show for it all…

Points of Inspiration

Wedding favors…

When we first started planning the wedding, I was toying with the idea of making my own wedding desserts. That idea has since fallen by the wayside, which is most realistically a VERY good thing. Plus, I know that my cake baker is going to do a much better job than I would have (especially in the midst of those few other things I’ll probably have going on).

But, because baking is still a very important thing to me, I would like to integrate it into my wedding. Right now, I am leaning toward making granola (which can be made a few days beforehand) and then packaging it up as little favors — Kind of like this bag idea. Cute, isn’t it? I just hope my guests like pumpkin and dark chocolate granola


Speaking of cake, I’ve been fervently pulling pictures of inspiration to pass along to my baker. One common theme is simplicity. I want a cake that is pretty and representative of Dan and me, but that doesn’t mean it has to be seven feet tall. Instead, I think I’ll go for a smaller four-tiered cake with one focal point, such as a sunflower.

Of course, we are also planning to supplement this with lots of cupcakes. So, no worries to the guests, there will be plenty to go around!

Guest book…

There are some really fun ideas out there for this one, so I think this will be a good aspect to play up my creativity. Pictured above are just two of my favorite ideas, with the first being a thumbprint tree that guests mark and sign their names to. The second is a calendar, where guests sign their names on the birthdays.

I also love all the ideas out there for seating cards. I’m still brainstorming about that one, too.



For whatever reason, what flowers we wanted to use was one of the first decisions that Dan and I made. Since then, out wedding has come to evolve around the pretty, natural simplicity of sunflowers. I guess you can say it’s our theme!

My list of ideas is much longer than that and is sure to expand before the wedding (or tomorrow). I just figure that this is my one and only time to plan a wedding, so I might as well have fun with it!

Questions: What are some fun wedding details you’ve seen? Do you follow any wedding blogs?

Note: Sorry that I don’t have the links to most of the pictures.

Another question: Is anyone going to the Fitness Bloggers Conference in Boulder this June? The organizers behind this awesome event are currently offering scholarships — Check it out!

Final note: Today was four months and one day SINCE my birthday and four months and one day UNTIL my wedding. This makes the dork in me very excited.


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