What I’ve been loving…

Happy Sunday!

I know it’s only one weekend into spring break, but I’ve already had trouble keeping track of what day it is! These past few days have been such treats, I figure it can’t possibly just be a normal weekend day! Here’s a look back at a few of the things I’ve been loving…

More and more signs of spring!

I can’t decide what I like more: little, baby flowers or big blooms! Either way, it’s all good with me!

Great Harvest!

Self-explanatory, right?

Although Lawrence’s Great Harvest is a hole-in-the-wall, it still has the trademark delicious bread and generous slices to sample. That’s all I really need! Plus, the sunflower seed bread it’s currently offering is incredible — especially when smeared with sunflower seed butter, banana slices and blackberries!

In fact, I love G.H. so much I may or may not be complementing another race just because it is sponsored by the local shop! That’s a legitimate reason, right?

Time with sister

My mom and sister got in on Friday night to tend to a few wedding-related errands with me. More importantly, we all got to spend time together!

While my mom got a hotel, my sister and I have been able to have a couple of sleepovers — Complete with baking experiments!

Note: More details on that one to come soon! As a hint, it’s two desserts in one!

Tapas-style meals

Lawrence is usually really good about staying current on food trends. That’s why I’m so surprised that none of the restaurants have really capitalized on the whole tapas concept.

Personally, I am really a fan of smaller portioned, cheaper foods!

Consumed: White bean salad with goat cheese and roasted tomatoes.

Plus, tapas dishes are perfect for sharing!

Consumed: Pickle fries.

It’s just a good thing I love them so much…

Question: What have you been loving lately?


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