Marian at 17

Hi, I’m Marian!

Currently I am 17 years old, a junior in high school and — most importantly — I am Emily’s fabulous younger sister!

My life this school year has revolved around student council, speech team, plays and school work… Basically, my days are packed from the time my first class starts at 7 a.m. until play practice ends at night!

It would be easy to get overwhelmed by all these activities and dream of better, easier days. But, I’ve come to realize that it’s important to appreciate this very special phase I am in: high school!

One of the parts I love most about being in high school is that I am able to become friends with a lot of people with a lot of interests.

My friends through theater and speech are so creative and fun, they make every moment enjoyable. Something my friends and I started doing this year was having “Family” parties. We all take on a role, such as the rebellious daughter or the neighbor who can only start sentences with “Well, I think…” Then, we spend the night playing these character!

I really enjoy having parties like this as opposed to going to dance parties every weekend. (Although I do that every once and a while, too! Its fun to go, let loose and dance the night away!)

I haven’t always been this way, however. When I was a freshman, I was already looking forward to being a senior and starting college. It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve come to enjoy being involved in my school.

In addition to my friends, a few other things helped me realize the importance of enjoying the moment. For one, student council has helped me gain school spirit and really enjoy the time I have in high school, where I know things are more simple then they will be in college.

My sister, teachers, and friends have also helped me realize this. I now know that high school is meant to be a time to learn in class of course, but also a time to learn about myself and to enjoy the simplicity high school offers. Every year my school has a spirit week, and my friends and I took full advantage of dressing up for the days such as “blast from the past,” and “wacky tacky” day.

It’s really helped to have friends who enjoy being involved in school, too. Of course, there are some kids who think they are much too cool to be seen in any kind of goofy outfit. But, do those kids have any fun?

I know my friends and I can be pretty goofy, but high school isn’t a time to be so serious! I’m aware there will be much more serious moments later in my life, so why not enjoy the fun times while they are here?

I’m hoping and I believe that if I have a positive attitude now and learn to face these smaller difficulties now with an open mind, then I’ll be better prepared for bigger challenges throughout life.

Another trait I’m hoping that stays with me is my openness to trying new things. Emily has really encouraged this and has shown me so many new things, ranging from showing me around the playground as a kid to the many new foods she has shown me now!

My sister and I always liked to bake and play around in the kitchen, but in the last couple years this has developed into a whole new thing for us to talk about and enjoy together!

I remember a few years ago when Emily really started realizing how many options there are for foods, especially healthy items. Now my whole family really enjoys trying new dishes!

With the knowledge of food my sister has passed to me, I have become more aware of the foods I put into my body and I have began to really enjoy healthy foods. In fact, one of the dishes I crave most often at home is a simple mixing plate of grilled vegetables!

I think this sets me apart from other 17-year-olds, for while they are rushing off to the nearest fast food restaurant during our lunch break, I enjoy a healthy and delicious packed lunch. At 17, I try and be concious of what I put into my body, and what I feed my mind.

I don’t claim to be any more intelligent or different from other kids my age, but I do feel so excited about life that I hope others my age feel the same. I know there is so much I have to look forward to but I’ve learned to really enjoy everything wonderful I have in my life right now! I feel fortunate, and I hope everyone cherishes the time they have whether they are 17 like me or any age.

This next week, I plan on going on an adventure with my friends around the trails in Lincoln, hopefully baking a few goodies with my sister, and just sitting down to read a good book. Which, if any one is interested, I would highly recommend “The Book Thief” and “The Catcher in the Rye.”

Oh, and I would recommend enjoying every page turn if you pick up that book, and enjoying the fact that even on your worst day, you are at least alive and well enough to turn that day around!

Oh and I love my sister, Emily!


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