Camping cuisine

When I think of the word “cuisine,” I generally think of fine types of dining.

That totally doesn’t apply to camping cuisine.

Although I still managed to have a decently well-rounded diet, it was far from usual. In fact, there was one day that I had some type of peanut (either peanut butter or regulars peanuts) for every single meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!

I guess I was just supporting local food…

Here’s a look back on what I did — and didn’t — eat.

Breakfasts: These were some of my favorite meals of the trip! Because we were around the campsite, we were able to get creative!

One morning, I woke up to Dan already tending a fire and working on pancakes and coffee.

My hero!

Instead of hauling along syrup, Dan and I just went with the toppings we had.

Consumed: Pancakes topped with peanut butter, strawberry jelly and banana slices!

I was a very happy girl.

Another morning, we planned ahead to make hash browns.

The whole process started the night before, when we cooked from foil-wrapped potatoes on the coals of the campfire.

The next morning, I chopped the cooked, cooled potatoes up. Then we threw them in a skillet with some butter pads that we may or may not have taken from a restaurant the night before.

Seasoned with salt and pepper and dipped in mustard, they were perfect!

Lunches: These were definitely our most standard meals of the day. Because we were usually eating on the go, each morning, I packed up two ham sandwiches for Dan, one PB&J sandwich for me, a couple of apples and clementines. Plus, extra, extra water — Always bring more than you think you’ll need!

Dinners: Whereas we planned to eat breakfasts and lunches at the campsite, we decided it would be best to go out to eat for dinners.

On the first night, we were new to town and ravenously hungry. So, instead of asking around for suggestions, we went to the first restaurant we found: The Wing Shack and Cheeseburger Grill.

Need I say there aren’t too many vegetarian options around Mountain View, Arkansas?

I went with the only meat-free entrée.

Consumed: Penne with white sauce and Texas toast.

Most. Flavorless. Pasta. Ever.

Seriously, a little salt and pepper would have gone a long way!

Fortunately, I had peanuts to bulk the meal up.

Lots and lots of peanuts.

The next night, we heeded more advice and went to Angler’s, a steak and seafood restaurant situated right on the White River.

Con: Super slow service. I was about to chew my arm off.


In my hunger, I forgot to take a picture of my meal. Same thing goes for two days later when we went back to the same place. What can I say, camping makes a girl hungry!

I did get a little kick out of the menu at the final restaurant we went to…

Did you catch that? As a SIDE DISH, you can order chicken strips, shrimp and fish. Aren’t those usually entrées?

Guess that’s Arkansas for ya’…

Desserts: It’s not surprise that I have a major sweet tooth and that definitely held true for when we were camping. The only problem was that the standard camping dessert is out of the question for me: Marshmallows contain gelatin, which isn’t vegetarian-friendly.

Still, we bought some marshmallows for Dan to make s’mores — Even though he opted to roast some Peeps on one night!

I still got in on some roasting fun, by slicing open a banana, filling it with a little peanut butter, wrapping it all in aluminum foil and placing it over the fire.

There also may or may not have been some Nutter Butters to snack on.

All in all, I was very satisfied with the food. That being said, I see a big salad in my near future.

Question: What’s your ideal camping food?



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