College girl’s guide to good guys

The other day when, in my personality psychology class, the professor posed a question: Do guys who are attractive, high-achieving and nice exist?

To my surprise, in my class of 300 people, no girls said “yes.”

What?! That’s just not true. Sure, guys like this may be rare. In fact, if the same question had been posed to me a couple of years ago, I would have been leader of the cynics.

But, now I am a believer.

I know I am blessed to have found a Dan. He’s a motivated pharmacy student, super easy on the eyes and the nicest, funniest guy I know… He’s what my psychology class would call a “10-10-10.”

I just wish the same kind of love for everyone else. And, while I wouldn’t advise desperately looking for a guy, there are a few steps I’d recommend taking to find your own 10-10-10.

Live in university housing for freshman year. I lived in a co-ed dorm during my first year of college. While I never really dated any of the guys from my hall, I did get to know a lot of them as friends. Plus, I made some really great friends with the girls — who were willing to play “wing-girl.”

That year, we weren’t too into going to parties. Instead, we liked hosting get-togethers in our dorm rooms with fun themes. For example, we hosted “classy night,” where we got dressed up and served cheese, crackers and —uhm — sparkling cider. You’d probably be surprised by how much the guys get into these kinds of things, too!

That being said, do go to parties.

Plain and simple, I’m just not the “partying type.” I far prefer low-key events with good friends instead of loud house parties with drunk strangers. Still, parties can be good ways to meet people from different circles. This happened to me when I went to a certain engineering party

Get to know guys, even just as friends. What better way to get to know guys than by hanging out with guys?

However, in order to maintain a good, platonic girl-guy friendship, it is vital to make your intentions clear. That could lead to trouble if they want more out of the relationship than you do…

Be yourself! You want a guy to like you for who you are, right? Well, then you have to BE that person!

Join clubs/classes/sports that you enjoy. College is a great time to get involved — And not just for the sake of bolstering your resume! By participating in things you are interested in you will, naturally, find people with similar passions. Plus, first dates are a little less awkward when you already have something specific to talk about!

Editing at The University Daily Kansan

In fact, I even know a couple of people who meet by working on The Kansan and are now engaged!

Remember, the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach!

Finally, just live and learn. College is about SO MUCH MORE than finding “the right guy.” Just have fun!

Question: Do you have any dating tips?


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