Something’s gotta give

For whatever reason, on the days that I don’t have to wake up early, I’m able to spring out of bed. But, when I have early classes, I’m tempted to keep my hand planted on the snooze button.

Today was one of the days that I was able to rise with the roosters and get going on my day.

First things first…

Consumed: 1/3 C oats cooked with 2/3 C water. Loaded with toppings, which included frozen berries, peanut butter granola, cottage cheese and a scoop of almond butter.

I didn’t have to be on campus today, but the lovely weather gave me the boost of motivation I needed to go up to the journalism school and do some extra work. Teachers are always saying that attendance goes down when weather gets nice, but this is just the opposite for me. Sure, I don’t like being stuck inside, but it’s so nice to walk around campus!

I tried to meet up with Dan for lunch, but our schedules didn’t align, so I ended up going back home. Although I would always take more time with Dan, it was nice to have access to my full fridge for lunch. What I came up with definitely beats the apple and Clif bar that I packed!

Consumed: Apple and Swiss wrap with one wedge of Laughing Cow cheese and an apple in a Flat Out wrap. Served with remaining slices of the apple.

This wrap is a tried-and-true classic for me, so it was nice to pair “something old” with “something new.” (I’m just not into “something borrowed” or “something blue” when it comes to food.)

Consumed: Greek peach yogurt with peanut butter granola.

After lunch, something came over me and I was inspired to be productive. Throughout the next few hours, I finished up paperwork, wrapped up homework, worked out at the recreation center, went by the grocery store, stopped by Hobby Lobby, swung by the bank and hit up CVS.

I was kind of impressed with myself, but the real reason I was motivated was because I spent the whole time imagining the delicious dinner I had ahead of me.

Consumed: HUGE salad with romaine, shredded carrots, edamame, orange slices, goat cheese and whole-grain, orange-scented Israeli couscous. All drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

This is seriously my favorite meal lately. I just can’t get enough of the combination of juicy citrus, tangy goat cheese and mellow olive oil. Might seem like a strange grouping, but it works. It really, REALLY works.

It wasn’t until after dinner that I was finally able to see Dan. That’s because after lunch, he got his own burst of motivation and went on a 50-mile bike ride — FIFTY MILES! Yeah, and I thought I was productive.

Ok, that’s where the post ends, because when you have a busy day, something’s gotta give. And, in this case, it’s a witty end to this post. (;

Questions: What “gives” on your busy days? What’s the longest bike ride you’ve been on?

I make a point of not skipping workouts, no matter how hectic days get. But, I’ve also learned that it’s ok for it to “give” every once in a while.

A few summers ago, two friends and I went on a 50-ish mile bike ride from Lincoln to a nearby town. Considering the bulk of it was on the shoulder of a busy highway, it wasn’t really a great idea. I’ve had some much more enjoyable 30-ish mile rides.


4 responses to “Something’s gotta give

  • Jess@atasteofconfidence

    Wow 50 miles is awesome!
    Workouts tend to give for me, or sleep!

  • Lucy Glover

    This beautiful weather is motivating my ‘git it done’ attitude also!! My longest bike ride was in 1978 when I was a senior in high school with my church youth group. We biked 30 miles from Abilene, TX to Buffalo Gap, TX State Park. I biked the entire route while others biked and rode in following pick-ups. I was the last one to enter the park. I was exhausted but proud that I biked the whole route. After all these years and pounds later 🙂 that is still a good memory for me.

  • Katelyn Johnson

    That was a fun bike ride but not quite as crazy as that random run we took on that foot trail through the woods where we got lost and a trooper drove us back to our bikes. . .epic

  • BrittFit

    workouts sadly are usually what give for me. your eats look amazing though 🙂 my longest bike ride was about 20 miles !

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