Engagement photos

I am almost in shock about how much I’ve crossed off my wedding checklist. Reservations have been made, invitations have been ordered, dresses have been bought…

It’s all passing by so quickly!

Nonetheless, there is still plenty to be done between now and July 16, so I know there will be much more to experience. In fact, one of the “tasks” that I am most looking forward to is coming up tomorrow (I hope): shooting engagement photos!

An engagement session was included in our wedding photography package. The intention with this is that Dan and I can get to know our photographer while she can get to know us and our style. That way, she’ll really know what shots to get on the big day and we’ll feel extra comfortable having her around.

Plus, we will get some really lovely pictures out of it.

I’m also excited, because these photos will be a great way to express our creativity while telling a little story about ourselves and our relationship. Specifically, we want to have a rustic picnic over at Clinton Lake, which is a very special spot for us.

Picture this: a much-loved quilt, woven basket, packed lunches and lots of fun. I’m excited just thinking ab0ut it!

Of course, I’ve also been turning to fantastic wedding blogs for extra points of inspiration…


I love the rustic-natural look of these photos. Nature plays a big role in our relationship, so we’d like to weave it into the engagement pictures.


The above pictures are from the wedding day — which seems kind of strange to me. But, I do love the quilt.

I LOVE candid shots like these. Plus, close-ups are good, because I like showing off Dan’s cute face.


The picture on the bottom is just about my favorite of the whole bunch. So cute!

For our pictures, we are going out to Clinton Lake, which has a lot of significance to us. We want to stage it as a picnic, complete with the vintage quilt, pretty neutral colors and lots of spring bloomin’ green.

The only problem with shooting tomorrow is that we’re supposed to get some serious storms moving through. (Dang it, Kansas!)

Fingers crossed it all comes together!

Questions: If you are married, did you do engagement pictures? How did you stage them? If you’re not yet married, how do you imagine your pictures?


2 responses to “Engagement photos

  • Jess

    I’m not at the engagement stage yet, but I really love candid pictures too- the laughing ones are the best!

  • Peggy

    We’re actually planning our engagement photos here soon, too! Our photographer is a good friend of ours and is just starting out (and already has amazed us!) so he’s actually doing our wedding VERY cheap and our engagement pictures for free.

    Since we both love food (and Andy really likes cake) we thought about doing a fun “food/cake fight” for our shots. Definitely love the picnic idea too! Hope all went well, weather considering, for the shots!

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