Give me what you’ve got

I still don’t know how I did it, but I went a whole day without a smoothie. I know, I know.

Obviously, that had to be immediately fixed this morning.

I was inspired by the “Dough Boy” smoothie that’s been floating around Kath’s blog. This morning was just the occasion to make one for myself!

Into the blender went a few ice cubes, half-ish cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, one banana and 3 T oats. I gave ‘er a whirl then added in a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter and a pinch of xanthan gum — That really thickens it up!

I topped it all with some cottage cheese, strawberry jelly, peanut butter granola and Annie’s Cinnamon Roll Bunny O’s.

Ohhhh yeahhhh. I loved added the oats in there! Even though they were pretty ground up, they still added a certain doughy essence.

I was almost as obsessed with the background of my picture.

Where did all this green grass come from? So pretty!

I knew I had a meeting to run off to later in the morning, but I didn’t think it was until 9, so I took my time. Good thing I ended up re-checking my email, because it wasn’t until 8 o’clock that I realized the meeting was actually for 8:30! That gave me just enough time to get ready and walk across campus in time.

After the meeting, I decided to stay on campus and do some work for my professor. I am so much more productive when I’m out of the house! I also met up with another professor to review the first draft of the big, mysterious project I’m working on. He had really positive things to say and helped me refine some other points that I knew were weak. I’m so excited about the way it’s coming together — and that I get to share it soon!

A ton of thoughts were running through my mind after meeting with my professor and I knew I wasn’t going to get any more work done for a while. I decided to call it even and head home for lunch.

I couldn’t decide on any star of the show, so I made it a snacker plate all about classic food pairings!

Look at all those flavors!

In one corner, I had my beloved Pink Lady apple + Laughing Cow Swiss cheese.

Workin’ on around the plate, I had some baby carrots + hummus + naan.

Last but not least was vanilla coconut yogurt + peanut butter granola.

It was a plate full of deliciousness!

Dan and I wanted to meet up to work on homework, but I don’t get Internet at his place and it’s easy to lose focus at mine, so we opted to go to Dunn Bros.

An iced coffee (and bit of a blueberry muffin that I stole from Dan) was extra incentive to work.

I guess I went into the zone with my project — before I knew it, it was time to go home for dinner. Time seriously flew by. Guess it was all that motivation from meeting with my professor!

I wanted some thing easy, healthy and satisfying for dinner. I’m happy with what I got!

Morningstar Farms black bean burgers are still my favorite frozen burgers on the market. Seriously delicious, especially when served between a whole-wheat sandwich thin and slathered with honey mustard.

To squeeze some vegetables in, I went with a simple salad of Romaine, baby carrots, edamame and goat cheese. Dressed with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, it didn’t need much more!

Even though the dinner was satisfying, it wasn’t long before my sweet tooth started aching. I’ve been kind of bored with dessert lately thanks to the absence of chocolate. Still, I made due with this one and came out with something pretty delicious: Ice cream sandwiches!

I smeared some peanut butter on graham crackers, topped it with slightly melted ice cream and finished it off with another graham cracker square. I ate it so quickly that it didn’t even get messy!

Although I really liked this dessert, I’m definitely looking forward to eating chocolate after Easter. Speaking of which, April 24 is coming up soon — just 10 days!

In anticipation of breaking my chocolate fast, I’m already dreaming of what I’ll indulge in first. Because you all have such great taste, I thought it would be fun to get everyone’s suggestions.

Just send me an email ( with your name, blog (if applicable — you don’t have to have a blog to give me a chocolate suggestion!) and your favorite choco-centric recipe. I’ll pull them all together and feature them on my blog. Then, I’ll make the most drool-worthy dessert right after Easter.

If all works out, you guys might get some inspiration out of it, too!

Questions: What’s your favorite chocolate recipe? Send it in!


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