If you follow me on Twitter, you already know what I was up to yesterday…

That’s right! We got them all back from our photographer much faster than expected. She did such a great job with them, too!

I am going to do a full post about the pictures and our experience next week, but I wanted to give a preview first!

It’s love!

Even though I was preoccupied with pictures for a good part of the day, I did manage to get some other things done.

I planned on getting up between 6:30 and 7, like I normally do. But, when the alarm went off, I was just too content. Thankfully, I didn’t have any where to go or an workout to do, so I let myself sleep in until 9. Crazy, I know…

Because breakfast was later than usual, I wanted to stick with something light so that I would have an appetite for lunch. Cereal was the obvious choice!

Consumed: 1/2 C Honey Bunny O’s, 1/2 C Cinnamon Roll O’s and a handful of cranberry trail mix. All with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

On the side was a good ol’ serving of coffee in my new favorite mug.

I am instantly attracted to anything with peace signs. It’s a weakness.

After my light breakfast, I did some Pilates to stay loose for Sunday’s half-marathon. Before I knew it, it was time for me to pick up Dan from his classes, get ready and turn around for the last meeting with our pastor.

Rather than drive over to Baldwin, our Pastor agreed to meet us in Lawrence for lunch at Jason’s Deli.

Of course, I went straight for the huge salad bar.

Consumed: Romaine and baby spinach topped with chickpea and edamame salad, seasoned Israeli couscous, bell peppers, artichoke hearts, peas, seasoned feta and roasted red pepper hummus. Lightly dressed with Balsamic vinaigrette. Two mini corn muffins on the side.

Other than the salad bar, one the best parts about Jason’s Deli is that they offer free ice cream cones to top off the meal. I stuck with a small serving of simple vanilla soft-serve in a little sugar cone.

After eating, we went through a few more topics with our pastor and called it good before we plan the actual ceremony. Craziness, I say — In fact, it’s exactly three months until Dan and I stand at the altar!

Because of cold and rainy weather, the rest of the day wasn’t too exciting. I took advantage of the extra time by working on some homework, before having an easy, delicious dinner.

Consumed: Pesto quiche with oatmeal crust (x 2) with steamed carrots.

After dinner, Dan and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to hang out with a couple of friends. I just stuck with water and stole a few fries from the communal basket. It was just nice to get out and spend some time with friends.

We hung out for a while, but I wanted to get home at a reasonable time. I’ve always heard that two nights before a big event, such as half-marathon (!!), is the most important time to get sleep.

Today’s all about taking it easy, picking up the race packet and figuring out just what pasta dish I want to make for dinner. See you tomorrow!

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