Engagement Pictures

Call me narcissistic, but I love, love, love the engagement pictures of Dan and me. Heck, I almost wish I didn’t know the people in these pictures. That way, I could shameless describe the pictures as “beautiful” or “elegant.”

As is the case, I think it would be most modest of me to say they are “classically rustic.” Just the way I wanted it!

I figured that the best way to approach the photo shoot was not to plan out too many details. That way we could go with the flow and truly come off natural.

The one element that I did take the time to plan was our picnic-inspired scene. For this, all I did was bring along a vintage-lookin quilt and pack up some muffins.

After getting those first few shots, Dan and I just took the advice of our photographer, Brandi. I love the way she captured all the little details and the sweet moments that Dan and I so often share.

We started the photo shoot off at Clinton Lake, where Dan first asked me to be his girlfriend. To this day, it really is a special place for us, so it meant a lot to use it as the backdrop for our pictures.

Halfway through our two-hour session, we relocated to the University of Kansas campus, where we are students. Without the school we probably wouldn’t have met!

It just warms my heart to look at the pictures. I am so blessed to have such a loving, caring man in my life — now and forever.

I also want to thank Brandi for her helpful leadership and fabulous photography. After seeing the pictures, Dan and I are even more excited for her to capture our wedding day.

The complete album is available to view *here.

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