It’s happened.

I felt strong all through training for the Lawrence Half-Marathon — and it paid off when I went out and dominated it.

But, now, I’m in a workout slump. I just don’t have the motivation to run as much as I was before. This wouldn’t be a big deal, except I have another half-marathon in just more than one week. Whew.

Now, I’m trying to get myself re-pumped up to make it through that race. The incentive is that after that, I’m giving myself permission to ease off on the running and spend more time on my other exercise interests. My bike is just waiting to go!

Yesterday was really proof of my burnout. I woke up with plans to go for a run. Then, I postponed that run until later in the afternoon when Dan could go with me. Then, Dan came over and instead of working out, we took a four-hour nap. FOUR HOURS.

By the time we woke up, working out wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. I was more concerned with eating!

To WheatFields we went. Apparently we weren’t the only ones with that idea.

Before even looking at the menu, my eye was immediately caught by the salad special of the day. Unfortunately, the serving size was smaller than I expected.

Consumed: Salad with bibb lettuce, fresh blueberries and raspberries, walnuts and goat cheese. Dressed with vinaigrette.

Good, just small.

Because we slept away the day, Dan and I had to be productive at night. So, we packed up and went downtown. But, rather than hit up the bars, we walked around for a while trying to find a coffee shop that would be open late. There was homework to do!

Guess whose notecards those were?

I spent my time working on my big, mysterious article for a journalism class. It’s getting close!

We stayed until the shop closed at 11, then called it a night. Remarkably, even with the nap, I was still able to fall asleep!

Now, I’m trying to get myself psyched up for a run. I can do this. I can do this.

It’s especially urgent for me to workout now, because my Kansas bridal shower is later today!

Question: How do you overcome workout slumps?

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