Hoppy Easter!

Apparently the Easter Bunny got lost on the way to my apartment this morning.

No big deal. Rather than tearing through an Easter basket, my sister and I put a little more time into looking f-i-i-i-ne.

Can we just zoom in on those shoes?

Oh, yeah.

Neither of us minded spending a little extra time outside. It was such a nice day!

Before too long, my parents picked us up to go to lunch. It was the darndest thing, by the Easter Bunny accidentally took our treats to their hotel!

Milk chocolate for Marian…

And white chocolate for me.

It’s tradition.

Then we made it down to the historic Eldridge in downtown Lawrence for a big ol’ buffet.

I usually have a little stigma against buffets — I just feel like it promotes gorging. But, this was a treat.

Plus, the Easter Bunny said it was okay.

So many choices. I just didn’t know where to start!

Eventually, I made my selections.

Consumed: Goat cheese and roasted red pepper scrambled eggs, asparagus spears, fresh fruit, French toast with pecans and more fresh fruit, gnocchi with pesto.

So much to love on that plate! I especially liked the French toast, which is saying something, because I’m not usually a fan.

It just wasn’t as eggy as some other kinds I’ve had — and nothing beats fresh fruit.

Naturally, I went back for a (smaller) plate of seconds.

Consumed: More gnocchi, fresh fruit and Portobello risotto.

I was pretty full, but there was definitely room in my stomach for dessert. It wasn’t just any dessert either…


Seriously, the cake was so big that it made me think of the classic scene in Matilda when the little boy is forced to eat a whole cake.

I avoided a re-enactment of that scene by splitting the slice with my mom and sister.

Pure bliss. I missed chocolate so!

Even though it was nice to see the Easter Bunny, the real treat was getting to see KU’s (awesome) basketball coach, Bill Self.

I promise we didn’t harass him! He’s just a nice guy!

Before my family had to head by north to Nebraska, we took time to go by the cemetery where my grandparents are buried. I was an am very fortunately to have amazing, hard-working, inspiring grandparents.

After that, my family had to hit the road, so I took advantage of free time by working out on the elliptical. Unfortunately, Dan had to work until mid-afternoon, so I was on my own for a while. When he finished up, we went straight over to his parents’ home for dinner.

Because of the busy morning with my family and Dan’s work, we weren’t able to go to church, which was disappointing for me. Fortunately, Dan’s parents had a video of an Easter sermon that we were able to watch together and spend some time reflecting on. It’s just so incredible to think of the sacrifices that Jesus made for us.

Every day is a blessing.

Questions: If you recognize Easter, how did you celebrate? Were you close with your grandparents?


7 responses to “Hoppy Easter!

  • fitchocoholic

    We celebrated by having family time in the morning and going to church!!!!!!
    All of that stuff from the buffet looks soo, so good! 😀

  • Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

    LOL, MATILDA! I love that movie 😀

    Happy belated Easter my dear!

  • Jess

    So cool you got to meet a Division I bball COACH!
    That buffet looks incredible!!

  • Sara Meets Life

    Your Easter looks absolutely beautiful! Because it’s the week before finals, I wasn’t able to make it home for Easter 😦 but instead I went to church with some of my friends from class. It wasn’t the same as my church back home but I definitely enjoyed spending some quality appreciating Jesus and God 🙂 I always leave church wanting to be a better person!

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  • Lindsay

    When I was younger, I was VERY religious and when to a private christiam school. Then I went to a college prep high school and for some reason church fell by the waistside. I have personally been making an effort to get back to church and I went to Easter Sunday services and then my parents and I had an easter dinner. I didnt get any chocolate but my parents did by me summer clothes, so I was pretty excited! 😀

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