Mix it up

So, I took an unanticipated break from blogging yesterday.

The morning started off right on track with a delicious breakfast.

Consumed: Overnight oats with vanilla Greek yogurt, 1/4 C oats and a little unsweetened almond milk to thin it out. Topped the night before with frozen berries and in the morning with a spoonful of peanut butter.

Then things got crazy.

For a little more background, the big, mysterious project I’ve been working on for the whole semester is actually a feature article for The Kansan. Yesterday, my professor said it is ready to run, so I met with designers, photographers and editors to pull things all together.

Somewhere along the way, I had lunch of a Clif Bar, apple and ton of carrots. It was definitely one of those on-the-go kinds of meals.

By the afternoon, everything was looking great, so I was able to go home. Then, when I was talking with Dan, we realized we were both a little stir-crazy. Impulsively, we decided to go to Kansas City for dinner.

The only problem was that it was so impulsive that I forgot my camera at home. I’m so mad I did, too, because we had an incredible dinner at the Yard House. After dinner, we were both feeling like we didn’t want the night to end, so we bought tickets to see Water for Elephants β€” which didn’t start until after 10.

We ate up some time by going to Cabela’s, getting a treat at Russell Stover and simply enjoying the night.

Around my normal bedtime, we finally sat down to watch the movie. Verdict? It was fantastic! I read the book and it’s one of my favorites, so I was worried the movie wouldn’t do it justice. To my delight, it really was great. Reese Witherspoon nailed the role, the cinematography was breathtaking and the costumes were down-right enviable.

Basically, it was well-worth staying out until 1 o’clock for.

Today’s going to be another hectic day with final touches on my article before it runs tomorrow. You can bet all the details will come soon!

In the meantime, here’s something to do.

Ready to mix up your running routine, especially since the weather is nice enough to be outside? Try out a few of these options…

Fartlek: Not only is it fun to say, but I think it’s fun to do! Unlike intervals, fartleks are really free-form run where you alternate between jogs/reduced pace runs and sprints. When I’m running around my neighborhood, one of my favorite ways to do this is to sprint from one mailbox to the next, then jog for a few mailboxes and repeat it all over.

Intervals: Similar to fartleks, for intervals you alternate between faster-pace and slower-pace runs. The difference is that intervals are more structured. For example, run hard for one minute, recover for five minutes and repeat.

Negative-Split: I’m very goal oriented, so this is one of my favorite types of workouts. Generally it consists of an out-and-back run where you try to clock a faster time on the way back than on the way out. For example, before going to Kansas City yesterday, I had a little bit of downtime, so I went out for a short negative-split run. On a .6 mile trail, I ran out in 5:45 and on the way back, I pushed the pace and ran the same distance in 4:38.

Question: Do you have a favorite mix-it-up running workout?


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