I have this little problem that I never seemed to grow out of: I just can’t sit still.

It’s acceptable for a five-year-old, but not so much for someone quadruple that age.

Take today for example. I knew I needed my rest after running a half-marathon the day before. I also knew I had homework to tend to. But, rather than be productive, I was just fidgety. Even though I was still accomplishing things, I couldn’t shake the feeling of laziness. I don’t think the reality TV marathon I had on in the background was much help…

One thing that did help keep me sane was segmenting the day with good meals.

First up was an easy-peasy breakfast featuring two pancakes that were chilling in my freezer.

Consumed: Two strawberry pancakes, topped with blueberry spread and non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt.

A while after breakfast I had my standard too-big-to-be-healthy mug of coffee. I try to limit myself to one cup a day, but I think it all balances out considering that “one cup” is roughly equivalent to one gallon.

I’m seeing an octopus. What do you think?

With a coffee-fueled boost of energy, I focused on homework for a while. Lunchtime conveniently hit when I also hit a wall with homework. I still only have two weeks of school left and I know I can make it through — it just isn’t going to be fun.

Lunch du jour was kind of random.

Here’s a closer look at side #1.

Consumed: Two egg whites and one whole egg scrambled with spinach and goat cheese. Served with a toasted whole-wheat sandwich thin.

Side #2 featured a crispy, delicious Pink Lady.

Even though the apple was perfectly sweet, I couldn’t resist going back for a lunch dessert.

Consumed: Peanut butter and jelly hand pie topped with an extra dab of peanut butter and a few dark chocolate chips.

Even though it’s called a “hand pie” this messy one was begging for a fork.

Much better!

After lunch, I was talking to Dan on the phone. Apparently I sounded pathetic enough to convince him to come over and hang out with me. Mwahaha!

We were productive with the time by hauling some things over to the storage space for our new apartment. Just about one month until the move and I’m just a little excited. While we were out and about, we extended the walk by tacking a few extra blocks onto the route. That plus a lot of stretching definitely counts as my workout for the day.

Eventually, Dan had to get back to doing real things with his life, so I made a desperately needed trip to the grocery store.

I mainly stocked up on necessities, such as apples, bananas, lettuce and goat cheese. But, there were a few impulse buys, such as a chocolate-hazelnut spread and a Real Simple magazine that a good Samaritan taped a coupon to.

Even though I wasn’t too hungry, I stretched out my homework break by having a mid-afternoon snack.

Consumed: Steamed edamame and carrots. Lightly sweetened shredded wheat cereal with unsweetened almond milk.

When I had no more excuses to delay, I got back to homework for a while. But, somewhere along the way, I laid my head down for a little bit and woke up one hour later. Whoops! Guess I needed it.

With the unanticipated nap and homework, it had gotten kind of late. Although I wasn’t very hungry, I like keeping a schedule, so I made a light dinner.

Consumed: Smoothie with ~1 C unsweetened almond milk, ice cubes, one banana, spoonful of peanut butter, drizzle of honey and a pinch of xanthan gum. All topped with a big spoonful of cottage cheese.

Now, I have two choices: Do more homework or relax, hang out with Dan and go to sleep early.

Any guesses on which option I’m going to choose?

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