I know better than this…

Usually, I am able to sleep well with the decisions I make. This is because, more often than not, I go with what I should do rather than with what I simply want to do.

But, every so often, things play out a little differently. Even though my conscience says, “You know better than this…” I just have to give in to indulgence.

Take today for example. I know better than topping my breakfast with a spoonful of chocolate. Yet, that’s what I did.

Consumed: Overnight oats with 1/4 C oats, raspberry Greek yogurt and a little milk to thin it out. Topped in the morning with a spoonful of crunchy chocolate-hazelnut spread and some dried mixed berries.

Even though I could justify it as another rest day, I went to my running class — only to discover it was a class survey day with no working out involved. I don’t know whether I am happy or sad about that. What I am happy about was getting a few complimentary mini-Clif bars out of it.

Then I changed from my useless workout clothes into a normal outfit and walked up the hill for my morning classes — er, class.

Yeah, I know better than skipping class, but sometimes it’s worth it. It’s not like I was bumming around either. I skipped my psychology class so that I could go to the library to work on some homework. That’s legit, right?

(Promise I was doing real work and not just surfing Twitter!)

While I was there, I enjoyed some variety in my lunch.

First up was salad.

Consumed: Salad with Romaine, edamame, carrots and goat cheese. Dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Strawberries sweetened the deal.

I also made a game-time decision to swap the bag of pretzels I brought for a mini-Clif bar.

After some more time in the library, I did the right thing by heading to my afternoon classes, which absolutely drug on. When I finally got out at 5 o’clock, I took advantage of the lingering heat by walking home. Then, even though I know better than eating too much candy, I had an after-school snack of bunny ears.

I also know better than wasting time, yet that’s what I did until dinner rolled around. The meal also came in a few parts.

First was a more nutritional wrap with fresh apple slices, whole grains and calcium-rich Swiss cheese.

Then, even though I know the right thing to do is fit in some protein and vegetables, I tossed that idea aside in favor of a bowl of lightly sweetened shredded wheat cereal.

Because, if it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.

(Right, Sheryl Crow?)

Question: What do you know better than doing but do anyway?

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