Flashback: high school dances

Yesterday may just have been the nicest day of spring. Mid-70s, not much wind and ample sunshine. Obviously the first thing that came to mind for Dan and me to do was to go out on a 30-mile bike ride.

Normal, right?

We geared up, grabbed the bikes and started on the 15-mile trek out to Lone Star Lake. We were heading into the wind for most of the way out, so it took us just under 1:15, or a five-minute mile. With the wind at our backs, we zoomed on the way back, making it home in about one hour.

My new bike certainly made the ride easier, but 30-miles is never a walk in the park. I was parched and my legs were aching by the time I got home. But, we had plans to go out with friends that night, so I rallied — a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

We actually headed back out to the lake with our friends Kirk and Lisa.

The beautiful day turned into a beautiful night.

The guys hung out by the water and cast some lines.

Meanwhile, Lisa and I sat back and gave them some fishing tips.

After a while, we headed back to Lawrence to play some cards and continue hanging out for a while. Definitely a fun night!

On another note…

It’s the middle of prom season ’round these parts and it’s making me all nostalgic. It’s so fun to see kids walking around downtown all dressed up for a night out on the town! It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was among them…

That’s why I thought it would be fun to look back on my high school dances!

Homecoming 2005

This was my first and only dance in Ohio. My family was in the middle of planning the move to Nebraska, and we had recently gone to look at houses. While we were there, I went shopping at stores that weren’t in Ohio. I wanted to be unique! I was obsessed with my long, silky dress — I guess I still love the color, because it’s almost identical to that of my bridesmaids’ dresses!

I got asked by a few guys to go, but, because I was moving in a few months, I just wanted to spend the time with my girlfriends.

It was really a fun girls’ night out. We even went midnight bowling after the dance!

Homecoming 2006

For my first dance in Nebraska, I went all out with a custom-made dress! My mom and I found the fabric and design I wanted and then I had it made by a seamstress. I felt so special in it.

My date that year was my neighbor who was a year older and went to a different high school. It was fun, but I was really shy about dancing with guys. I finally loosened up toward the end of the night, when Katelyn told me, “You’ll look stranger by just standing around than by dancing!”

Homecoming 2007

For my senior year, I decided to go stag again with my best girlfriends — actually, they are all bridesmaids in my wedding!

Once again, I went with a rich, blue dress. Guess I like that color, too!

Instead of going out for dinner, my mom cooked up some of her famous enchiladas and we had a “fancy” meal at my house. I just remember laughing so much that my stomach hurt. I always had (have) fun with these girl, especially when we took “Does this look weird?” pictures…

Prom 2008

During my junior year, I was in Florida during prom for a DECA competition. Fortunately, the dates didn’t conflict for my senior year, so I was able to go to my last-possible prom.

I actually got my dress at the last-minute. I had another dress that I got on sale a few months before and planned on wearing, but I just didn’t love it. Lucky for me, my mom is fantastic, so she took me shopping for a dress I’d really feel happy in — and that’s just what I got!

My official date was a guy who I went on a few dates with, but we went with a big group of friends from track.

Similar to homecoming, we did a potluck dinner at my friend Katie’s house. After the dance, we all spent the night at one of my guy friend’s house and his mom cooked us all breakfast the next morning.

Awh, such memories. Nonetheless, you couldn’t pay me to go back to high school. I’m too happy with where I am today!

Questions: What are your best high school dance memories? Any really bad ones?

4 responses to “Flashback: high school dances

  • fitchocoholic

    I’ve never actually been to a dance…..one thing i have missed out on due to homeschooling…
    Glad you had fun at the lake!!! 😀

  • Katelyn Johnson

    Oddly enough my memories are really similar to yours! 🙂 I think senior year prom was the most fun of the 10 high school dances I went to.

  • Alaina

    I went to three proms in high school, since I dated someone a year older than me. I liked the after prom parties. It was an overnight at the high school. The best was the wild west night where they had a campfire, s’more’s and “gambling”.

  • Sydney

    Emily!! Prom 2008 was so fun…I loved our group!! Oh, and by the way, I read your blog religiously…I love it!! : )

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