I’ve been feeling kind of — uhm — uncomfortable lately.

Now that I’m on a temporary racing break, I’m not being quite as active as before. Yet, because I have more time to spare, I’m eating more. It just doesn’t add up. Worst of all, I’ve been craving greasy, nasty foods that leave me feeling greasy and nasty.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

That’s why I am deciding to use that knowledge to my advantage. If I want to feel cleaner and more natural, then I need to eat cleaner, more natural foods!

Note: I know that restrictive diets can be a disordered eating trigger for some people, myself included. That’s why I am trying to approach this in a diligent, responsible manner that fuels me and makes me feel better. My objective is not to lose weight.

Anyway, after some research, I’ve pieced together some aspects of vegetarian detoxes that seem to fit into my life. Some guidelines include…

  • Drink a lot of water, ideally with lemon slices. I already drink a fair amount of water throughout the day, but my objective is to drink a full glass first thing in the morning.
  • Eat fresh vegetables. I’ve fallen off this wagon a little bit lately. I’m aiming for one big salad a day.
  • Avoid wheat products. There’s no denying that I’m a carboholic, but my goal is to explore more gluten-free options.
  • Limit sugars. It’s a predictable pattern — whenever I cut chocolate out for a while, I’m like, “Oh, this isn’t so bad.” Then, when I add it back in, I’m right back to being the chocolate monster. I need to choose my sweets more wisely.
  • Listen to my body. This is totally key me for. I want my body to be happy!

There are also a few detox-y things I am NOT planning on doing.

  • Cutting out dairy and eggs. I already stick to soy or almond milk, but it just doesn’t work for me to cut out dairy yogurt. As for eggs, it’s not like I eat them often, but I don’t really want to cut them out.
  • Have an “Amazing Grass” drink in the morning. The main reason I’m not doing this is because I’m a cheap college student and don’t have the stuff. This summer, however, I would like to have some more green monsters!
  • Tossing peanuts. Give up my peanut butter? No thanks…

With those keys in mind, here was Day #1 of my psuedo-detox.

For the first meal of the day, I broke the rules a little bit by having yogurt and peanuts. But, as mentioned, that’s a-ok with me — especially when it’s this delicious.

Do you see what I see? That’s oats in a jar!

Consumed: Overnight oats with nonfat caramel yogurt and 1/4 C oats, mixed in a nearly empty peanut butter jar and left in the fridge overnight. Topped in the morning with half of a sliced banana.

Another rule of the detox is to take it easy. So I did… until the day got stressful and I was faced with the dilemma of going out for a run or shooting myself.

I ran.

It was HOT.

Like record-breaking, 94 degrees hot!

Before long, it was time for a detox lunch — and an extra happy lunch at that! I mean, look at this awesome goblet from my awesome future sister-in-law.

That’s just asking for a smoothie, isn’t it?

Consumed: ~1 C unsweetened vanilla soy milk, one frozen banana, one scoop of chocolate protein powder. Topped with a little cottage cheese, Kashi GoLean cereal and fresh raspberries.

On the side was a simply scrambled egg with goat cheese and honey mustard.

Obviously, both of those broke a few official detox rules. But, they did fit in with my kind of detox.

After lunch, I dealt with the heat again by walking up to the pharmacy school to join Dan in studying. The change of scenery helped me focus for a little while, but I got antsy around 4 o’clock. Back home for a snack!

Instead of reaching for what has clearly been my standard snack…

I went with a more detox-friendly option.

Consumed: One apple, a few almonds and a little Kashi GoLean cereal.

I continued working on homework for the rest of the afternoon. This is the last week of official school and then finals follow, so it’s definitely crunch time! I was more than happy to break for a detox-y dinner!

Star of the show was an i-n-credible salad with a bed of leafy Romaine lettuce, steamed edamame, quinoa, orange segments, crumbled goat cheese and carrots. I dressed it with some simple olive oil, salt and pepper.

On the side was a small cup of cottage cheese and fresh raspberries.

It was love.

Seriously, if all detox meals were this great…

Dan came over to hang out for a while after dinner. He had been studying all day, so the boy deserved a break!

Later, I had a final snack of more Kashi GoLean (hmm, wonder if I like that?), a few dark chocolate chips and dried fruit.

Possibly because I had been weaning off the sweets during the day, this serving was perfectly satiating.

It has only been one day, but I honestly am liking this whole psuedo-detox thing. Let’s hope those aren’t famous last words!

Questions: Have you ever tried a detox? Any favorite cleansing tips?


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