The way it was

In my opinion, it would be very sad to never change. To never learn. To never grow. To never develop…

Instead, I hope to always strive to better myself. This takes some introspection. It also takes some constructive self-criticism.

For example, I know that I can be obsessive about things. This is the trait that people euphemistically refer to as “perfectionism” in job interviews. In reality, it’s not always so positive.

That was definitely the case for me during the beginning of my college career when I was so incredibly driven to succeed. I spent all day working on assignments. I never missed classes, even when I was sick. I even opted to stay home on some weekend nights, when I really could have afforded going out.

I’ve been aware of this obsessive/perfectionistic trait for a while, but I used to just ignore it. I don’t think it was until I met Dan that I really began realizing how not worth it that perfectionism is.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still driven in school and my activities. I’ve just realized that there is more to success in life than test scores and grades.

So, totally unlike the Emily of a few years ago, today I skipped a class. I didn’t go crazy by hitting up happy hour special or anything. In fact, I went home and did homework.

And it was worth it.

Now, let’s rewind to breakfast.

Consumed: Overnight oats with nonfat raspberry, white-chocolate yogurt mixed with 1/4 C oats and 1 t chia seeds. Left in the fridge overnight and topped with fresh raspberries and peanut butter in the morning.

I’m loving the spring berries that are around right now — especially raspberries. Seriously, aren’t they purty?

Even for how pretty they are, I went ahead and ate ’em.

After breakfast, I did the standard thing by going to my morning running class. Good thing I did, too, because if I had waited any longer the temperature would have been in the 90s! Still, the run was pretty laid-back — as in some running and some chatting with my running friend, Kelly.

She and I are in the same ethics class, which was cancelled for the day. After running, Kelly and I got some coffee and worked on homework for the class. She got called away to work on something else, so my motivation began to slide. I stuck it out for a while, but decided that going home for lunch (and a real shower) was more worth it than going to my next class.

As mentioned, it was — especially because the lunch was so delicious!

Consumed: Salad with Romaine, quinoa, edamame, goat cheese, carrots and orange segments. All dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Just because of my detox, I’m not totally skipping on the flavor of cocoa. Now, I’m just reducing the sweetness and upping the other nutritional factors. For example, my lunch treat was some cottage cheese mixed with chocolate protein powder and topped with naturally sweet raspberries.

Hit the spot!

Even though I was getting some good work done at home, I did have to go back to campus for my last class. I would complain about it more, but I was too excited for dinner to really be fazed. That’s because I had a dinner date with my friend Stephanie at one of my favorite restaurants, Esquina!

The locally owned restaurant is constantly updating the menu, so I use it as an excuse to go back often. Plus, it was Taco Tuesday.

First up was the complimentary serving of chips. Probably not the most detox-friendly food, but alright in a small serving.

Then the real show began, with two amazing tacos…

Consumed: Raha taco with bell peppers, black beans, onions and queso fresco. Peruvian taco with potatoes, marinated onions and cabbage.

And beans and rice.

These ain’t like your typical Mexican restaurant’s beans and rice. These are perfectly seasoned and light, while still being filling. That, folks, is detox approved!

Less detox approved was the next venture that Stephanie and I went on…

The newly opened Cupcake Construction Company was just too alluring to walk past! (By which I mean, “Too alluring not to go out of my way to see if it was still open.”)

Upon walking in, I was immediately hooked. Fresh icing? An array of toppings? Fun flavors? Yes please!

I will admit, I was slightly disappointed by the limited toppings bar and cupcake selection. But, to be fair, it was late in the day and many options were gone. Plus, getting to customize my cupcake made it totally worth it.

I went for a chocolate cupcake with vanilla and strawberry icings, a fresh strawberry, two mini-Oreos and a drizzle of chocolate.

I got the cupcake to-go and split it with Dan later. Although it wasn’t a great detox move, it was a pretty good size when split in half.

Anyway, life’s about living!


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