Baldwin Graduation

Today was a big day in ol’ Baldwin City, Kansas.

But, it was an even bigger day for Dan’s family — his sister, Claire, officially became a high school graduate!

Action started this morning, as I met up with Dan to run a few pre-graduation errands in town. One of those errands was picking up a backseat worth of balloons.

Then we drove out to Baldwin, met up with Dan’s mom and headed up to the high school where his dad was saving seats. Slowly, the auditorium began filling with people. Promptly at 2 o’clock, the band started playing Pomp and Circumstance and the soon-to-be graduates began filing in. We spotted Claire as she wound her way around the gym and walked down a nearby set of stairs…

The ceremony itself was pretty quick-moving, with just one class speaker and one guest speaker. My favorite part was the choir’s rendition of Rascal Flatt’s “My Wish.” Then, the principal began reciting the names and each student got their moment of glory. Most important among them was obviously Claire.

One of the benefits of a smaller high school is a shorter graduation ceremony — it was all said and done in just one hour!

Instead of throwing their hats, this class had something else up their gown sleeves…

Silly string! There were a few smart people who stepped aside to avoid the mess, but I thought it all looked cute.

Then everything broke into chaos as families searched around for their graduates. Fortunately, we had a plan to meet with Claire outside to get a picture with all of the kids from her elementary school who went on to graduate together.

Then it was back inside for a few more pictures of Claire with her best friends.

After that, we got in cars and drove over to the real fun: the three girls’ joint graduation party.

Of course there was good food, including a watermelon expertly cut by Dan’s dad!

I bypassed the beef and pork and loaded up with fruit, pickles (?) and the world’s best mac ‘n’ cheese.

I think I overheard the woman saying the mac ‘n’ cheese involved sweet tea. I must investigate.

Other than the food, the party was another good chance to spend time with my family-in-law.

And, even though Claire is going to a rival school, Dan and I still support her.

(Feel free to ignore that pun.)

Unfortunately, reality eventually beckoned, as Dan and I had to get back to Lawrence and face finals week. The good news is that at this time in two days, I’ll be d-o-n-e! The bad news is that Dan has to go until Friday…

Questions: Did your high school have any unique graduation traditions? Did you have a graduation party?

I graduated with a class of 350-ish, so the ceremony was held at the conference center downtown. It was a pretty cool deal to me, because I was the class speaker.

But, the main thing I remember about graduation was getting to spend that time with my friends and reflect on all that we had done. Seeing Claire today reminded me so much of all that!

Similar to her and her friends, I had a graduation party with my best friend Katie.

We also had a cake with out faces on it!

Crazy how long ago that all seems!


2 responses to “Baldwin Graduation

  • Alaina

    Congrats to Claire!

    I had a really small class to graduate with too (123) so our ceremony was short and sweet. And I played the trumpet before the ceremony!

    I had a party with family and I went around to a lot of my friends parties too.

  • Natalie

    Colin went to Baker so I have fond memories of Baldwin! I love graduation parties 🙂

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