Jungle Kitty

I’ve decided that if I could work at only one place for my whole life with guaranteed success, it would definitely be Great Harvest. I just cannot get enough of the place.

That is why, when Dan and I had to decide on one place to eat in Lincoln before heading back to Kansas, the choice was obvious.

That, my friends, would be half of a veggie sandwich on the world-famous honey whole wheat bread. One of the other things I love about being home is that I know my mom will always be willing to split a meal with me.

I rounded out my own lunch with an in-cred-ible caramel apple smoothie.

I was honestly skeptical about whether it could live up to true caramel apple flavor — and it so did. It got the apple tartness and the caramel sweetness spot on.

After finishing up the meal with my mom and Dan, I bought a loaf of spinach and roasted red pepper bread and a coffee. Then it was time to hit the road back to Kansas. I must admit that I wasn’t just too excited to get back to Kansas. I never feel as though I get enough time with my family and this past week was no exception. However, I am starting a new internship tomorrow in Kansas City, so duty called…

Dan’s trip to Lincoln was especially brief, but very important: He helped haul back a couch for the apartment that we’ll be moving into soon!

While Dan and my dad loaded the couch into the truck, I got a little distracted…

What can I say? I don’t get to see my cat that often!

Fortunately, the couch stayed in place for the drive back to Kansas. And, to my credit, I helped Dan with getting the couch into our storage space!

With all the moving done, Dan and I were able to go to his parents’ house for a taco dinner — black beans for me, beef for everyone else!

Afterward, the night was still so perfect, that Dan, his dad and I decided to head out to the track for a little workout. Dan and I ran a mile, walked a lap and then ran another mile. Nothing crazy, but it was an ideal way for me to spend a summer night — I can get used to this!

Now, it’s time for bed, so that I can rise and really shine for my internship tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Questions: Did you do internships before graduating? What’s your ideal way to spend a summer night?

I had an internship before my sophomore year of college in Lincoln. This one should just give me so more experience, which is always a good thing!

I love spending summer nights outside, around a campfire with good friends!


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