What’s in the bag?

For some reason, it’s endlessly baffling to Dan why I need to carry around a large purse.

On the other hand, I don’t understand how he can get by without one! I mean, where else does he store his…

Lip balm?

I know that Dan likes the vanilla flavor, so I think he’s ok with me toting this around.

Pens and paper?

A reporter — even an aspiring one — need to be prepared to jot down a story at any time!


I can’t wear skinny jeans and still fit this phone in my pocket!

Pocket knife?

Dan actually gave this to me when we went camping and I’ve kept it in my purse ever since then — I just need to remember to take it out before I go to the airport next!

Massive Vera Bradley collection?

I love this wallet, because I can carry it around as a wristlet or tuck it in my bag when I have more to carry. Plus, it helps me keep track of my keys!

I actually use this little change purse to carry around spare bobby-pins and hair ties. Never know when some stray hair will break out-of-place!

I got this camera case four years ago and I just can’t live without it. Just as with my wallet, I love that I can carry this around as a wristlet.

Yet another wristlet, but this one contains my iPod and packets of gum. I like subdividing everything so that it’s easier to find and easier to move from one bag to another.

Snacks and water?

I usually carry a few granola bars around, but these packets of peanut butter have been hanging out in my purse since last week when I bought them on sale.

I also carry around my water bottle at all time. Dan really makes fun of me for this one — he even calls it my “sippy cup.” What can I say, though? I just like staying hydrated!

Basically, Dan, the ultimatum is this: I’ll get ride of the big purse if you never want to see me in short skirts or skinny jeans again. Deal or no deal?

Questions: What’s in your purse? Do you carry a big bag?


5 responses to “What’s in the bag?

  • fitchocoholic

    hahahaha I always carry snacks in my purse with me! and my camera, and a book…….so I definitely need a bigger bag!

  • The Hippie Health Nut

    My bag isn’t too big, but I do always have my “sippy cup” with me. 🙂

  • Jess

    LOVEEEEE vera bradley 😀

  • Stephanie

    I also carry a huge Coach purse! It’s a black crossbody type purse with the Coach logo all over it. Anyway, I also carry lots of stuff. I have my wallet, chapstick, a brush, my checkbook, pens, Altoids, sunglasses, hand lotion, vitamins (I always forget to take them at home haha), a pocket knife, headphones, Ibuprofen (never know when a headache will hit!), a 5 hour energy shot (in case I don’t get much sleep one night and need an extra boost), my work ID badge, annnnnd…a nail file.

    You know what’s sad? I still have room for tons more. On a typical work day, I also tote a big water bottle in there for me to sip on during the day. LOL!

    You and I carry a lot of the same stuff 🙂

  • Sam

    I feel ya with the Vera Bradley collection!!

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