Extended family

Although I’m sure it is never easy to combine two separate groups of people, it has always been important to Dan and me that we feel comfortable with each others families. Much of that is because he and I are both very close to our families — neither of us ever lived close to extended family, so everyone in our immediate families came to rely on each other.

For that same reason, as my relationship with Dan grew more serious, I realized that a potential marriage would be about more than me + him. It would be about bringing together our two families.

Fortunately, this has been pretty simple. I love and respect his parents and sister, while Dan is just as good toward mine.

From my perspective, it is easy to adore Dan’s family. His parents are incredibly kind, welcoming and genuine. His sister, who is less than two years younger than me, is super sweet, funny and caring. The time that I’ve already had them in my life has been blessed and I can’t help but look forward to many more years of getting to know them.

One thing that pleases me the most is that Dan’s family and my family really get along. In fact, when his mom and sister came up from my bridal shower last week, our dads went out on the town!

Our sisters, who are just one year apart in school, also became fast friends.

Dan’s mom and sister were even sweet enough to throw me my own bridal shower in Kansas!

It’s also nice to have family nearby where Dan and I live. That means we get to go home for “weekend holidays,” such as Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. It also means we can spend birthdays together — complete with delicious cake.

Claire’s 19th birthday was on Saturday, but Dan had to work. So, we went over to the house on Sunday for a delayed birthday dinner with the family. It worked out for the best, because the rain cleared up for the first time in days and we ended up spending five hours around the campfire!

In just more than one month, I will change my name and have a technical mother-, father- and sister-in-law. The good news is, they seem more like real family than just something mandated by law.

Questions: If you’re married, do you have brothers- or sisters-in-law? If you’re not married, how important is it to you that your future spouse gets along with your family?


5 responses to “Extended family

  • Alaina

    I grew up an only child and once I married my husband, I got 2 brothers in law and 3 sisters in law. I love it! And we are all within 5 years of age so we love hanging out together.

    And its really important to have that connection now while my husband is in Afghanistan.

    Looks like you have a great relationship with Dan’s family. 🙂

  • Jess

    You have adorable outfits!!

    COMPLETELY necessary and VERY important. 🙂

  • Sara @ the foodie diaries

    Paul and I are both extremely close to our families. For me, it’s a necessity in a relationship for my boyfriend to get along with both my parents and my sister. The great thing about our relationship is the fact that they already treat him as if he’s their son/brother. It makes ME happier in the relationship to watch them get along 🙂

  • Lucy Glover

    We feel so blessed to have you as our (almost nearly official) daughter-in-law. You are a sweet, gentile, solid person, with a solid family supporting her. We look forward to more nights by the fire and visits with your mom, dad, and sister.

  • Wedding guest book «

    […] Unfortunately, I have to go back to my internship tomorrow, so I won’t be able to spend that time with Marian. However, because she and Dan’s sister are BFFs, they are actually having a sleepover tonight. How’s that for extending the family? […]

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