Bracing for the move

Fingers crossed, in about one week, Dan and I will be living in our new apartment. That means: me + him + our own kitchen + our own bedroom + our own living room + our own dining space + our own bathroom + our own balcony.

Yeah, I’m kind of excited.

In fact, I’m so eager to be in the new place that I’ve been spending most of my free time packing things up. It’s as if I think that will make the move get here faster!

The only downside of the move is that I’ll be leaving behind my quaint, comfortable bedroom of two years.

I’ll especially miss all the closet space and the huge mirror!

(Sorry, I’m usually cleaner than this. I claim moving as my excuse.)

But, I’ll get over it — especially considering I’ll have *this guy* as my roommate!

Dan’s got everything a guy really needs for the new place: a grill and big TV. Now, I just need to work on filling in the spaces.

I spent a few hours this morning first checking out garage sales and then shopping around stores for a tv stand and a coffee table.

I found a few items that are definitely on my wish list, such as this TV stand from Wal-Mart.

I know, I know… Wal-Mart isn’t that great, but we are college students.

I also loved this multipurpose ottoman from Target.

The cushion top flips over so that it is a coffee table. Seriously, I love this thing!

I held off on buying either a coffee table or TV stand until Dan could go back and look with me. Last week, however, Dan and I did buy these chairs and mosaic table from World Market, which is pretty much my favorite store ever.

It’s the perfect size for our balcony, which means YOU can expect lots of picture from outdoor dinners!

Now, all I really need is to bring Dan back to the stores, buy a few more things and then MOVE INTO THE ACTUAL APARTMENT.

Question: Do you visualize a new home before a move of wait until you are there?


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