Three F’s

It seems that my whole weekend boiled down to three categories: food, friends and family. It was awesome.

The weekend kicked off right on Friday. My dad was driving through town, so Dan and I were able to meet up with him for lunch at a 715 — which is a restaurant conveniently located at 715 Massachusetts Street.

As an appetizer for the table, we all split some delicious rosemary flatbread.

My actual meal started off with a small salad. Unlike most “garden salads” of iceberg lettuce and a few cherry tomatoes, this was actually really flavorful.

My entrée was an individual four-cheese pizza. Although it was tasty, I was kind of disappointed and very full. Still, I managed to polish off two slices…

The dinner menu at 715 is a little beyond my budget, but the lunch offered a lot of bang for the buck. The salad + pizza was only $7.15 — see a trend?

It was really great getting to catch up with my dad for a while, but he eventually had to hit the road back to Lincoln. Dan also had some errands to run, so I spent the rest of the afternoon being l-a-z-y. It was divine.

That night, Dan and I met up with out friends Mike and Mandy to celebrate Mandy’s birthday. We met mid-way between Kansas City and Lawrence for dinner at a Mexican place and then drove over to a putt-putt place for a little golf showdown. (I’m not quitting my day job.)

First thing on Saturday morning, I drove out to a city-wide garage sale in Dan’s hometown to do some shopping around with his mom. There was a ton to look at, but it was hot, crowded and difficult to sort the trash from the treasure. Eventually, I called it quits and headed back to town to shop around a few air-conditioned stores for apartment furniture. It was a blast.

The real fun came later in the day when my friend Katelyn and her boyfriend Dustin stopped in Lawrence on their way back from Texas. Dustin had never been to the town before, so we gave him a driving tour and made the requisite stop at 3 Spoons. We spent the rest of the night enjoying the (finally) incredible weather by sitting on the patio.

Sunday morning, we went out to brunch at Mirth Cafe. Naturally, I went with whole-wheat pancakes + blueberries + granola. It’s like a given.

(According to Dan, my eyes light up whenever he suggests going to The Mirth for breakfast…)

The company was even better than the pancakes — and that’s sayin’ something.

After brunch, Dan and I had to go out to his house to help move some stuff around and prepare for the move. Later in the afternoon, there was a break in action and no break in heat, so Dan and I decided to go out to the lake for a little while.

I tanned. He fished.

By the time we got off the water, back to his house and then back to my house it was getting dark. I thought that meant the weekend fun was coming to an end… But, then I got a text from my sister saying she was driving down to visit on Monday. That means another day of three F’s: food, family and fun.

Questions: Do you prefer lakes, pools or the ocean? What’s your ideal pancake?

I’m a lake girl — neither salt nor chlorine!

I LOVE chocolate chip pancakes, but for an average day, I like fruit + granola for crunch. Topping the ‘cakes with peanut butter is good, too!

Note: Sunday was my grandparents’ 63rd wedding anniversary! An incredible celebration for incredible people.


5 responses to “Three F’s

  • Katelyn Johnson

    I’d prefer the ocean because it’s rare for this Nebraska girl. Pools second because there aren’t many clean lakes around here either. But on that note the lakes are less crowed than pools.
    Ps I loved seeing you this weekend!

  • Tori (Fresh Fruition)

    I’d have to say I love all forms of water! For swimming I tend to like the pool since you can see the bottom- I have a fear of stepping on something in lakes and oceans! I do love the beach, though, and I’ve been to quite a few awesome lakes! I also really enjoy kayaking on lakes.

    Looks like you had an amazing time! Those pancakes look absolutely amazing! I’ve never had granola in a pancake before. I’d have to say my ideal pancake would have to have either strawberries, blueberries, or chocolate chips in it!

  • Jess

    I like all three–in the right elements 😉 I will swim in a lake/pool, but hate swimming in the ocean. I love tanning at the ocean/pool, but not lake really..unless I’m on a boat. HAHA..i need help!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend!

  • Alaina

    I love lakes. Well, ponds actually. My grandparents had a cottage on a pond in Maine and I loved spending summers up there. 🙂

    I loved the pancakes I had at my birthday: coconut sauce, almonds and chocolate.

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