Wedding guest book

Today, my little sister passed a big milestone: She made the three+ hour drive to Lawrence all by herself. It would have brought a tear to my eye, if I wasn’t already so excited to see her!

Before she even got to town, we had big plans for the day… We just didn’t know what. After a while of roaming around Hobby Lobby and brainstorming about wedding guest book ideas, we came up with something.

I wanted to do something a little more creative than the standard guest book, but I didn’t want to go just too over the top by having my guests wind up with ink on their fingertips. Eventually, Marian and I came up with the idea to spin-off of the sunflower theme by making a big styrofoam center of a sunflower.

Then, we would trace and cut out individual, gold petals and attach a pin to the bottom of those. Finally, we arranged the petals — which were two alternating shades of gold — around the styrofoam center.

After a little floral arrangement, it was all done!

I attached a string to it and hung it on my wall as decoration until wedding time. I really must say, it turned out even better than I expected!

At the ceremony, our guest will simply remove one of the petals, write their names and a short note on it and then stick it back in!

With such an accomplished afternoon, Marian and I decided we deserved a dinner out on the town — And, because it’s been like a whole week since I was at Esquina, that’s where I suggested we go.

Of course, Marian’s trip to Lawrence wouldn’t be complete without a stop by 3 Spoons.

Unfortunately, I have to go back to my internship tomorrow, so I won’t be able to spend that time with Marian. However, because she and Dan’s sister are BFFs, they are actually having a sleepover tonight. How’s that for extending the family?

Questions: If you are married, what did you do as your “guest book”? If you’re not married, do you have any of your own ideas?

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