Pancake buffet

I’ve talked before about how my mom lied to me about certain things when I was younger. So, it seemed natural to assume that she was lying when she said that my sister and I would probably be best friends when we grew up. I mean, it seemed like such a long shot

Yet, wonder of all wonders, her prediction has proven to be true. That’s why it’s been so great to spend two days just hanging out, crafting and baking…

(Recipe to come.)

Last night we doubled the fun by going out to dinner with Claire, Dan’s sister. Her and my sister are like BFFs.

Marian and I kept with the theme of Esquina, by going to The Burger Stand, which is owned by the same people. I went with a lentil burger patty atop a salad.

Although the actual burger is delicious, I’d say the best parts are all of the topping. Seriously, who would think of almonds on top? Yet, it adds a perfectly crunchy element!

Shortly after dinner, Dan got home for his internship, so the four of us hung out for a while. Eventually, Claire had to get going home and the rest of us called it a night.

The next morning, while Dan and Marian continued rested, I got up to make a pancake buffet. The spread featured blackberries, yogurt, bananas, pure maple syrup and peanut butter.

I made my favorite fluffy pancake recipe, sans strawberries. Instead, I topped my ‘cakes with a little vanilla yogurt, peanut butter, pure maple syrup and banana slices.

Sadly, after breakfast, Marian had to hit the road back to Nebraska. I’m already looking forward to seeing her again in two weeks — especially because I’ll get to show off my apartment by that time!

Something to read: Is the Coke mini can the new light cigarette?

I stumbled upon this article a while ago and I think it makes a really good point. Even though I don’t think there is anything wrong with indulging every now and then and that portion control is a good thing, I think it can go too far.

While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with the mini Coke, people just shouldn’t fool themselves into believing it’s much healthier of an option than the full-sized can.

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