Makeup trials

I’m not exactly a “makeup person…”

I am pretty decent with doing my hair. I am also capable of dressing myself. But, when it comes to mascara and lipstick, I am l-o-s-t.

For the most part, I stick to a simple regimen of moisturizer and eyeliner. It works on an ordinary day, but I’ve been planning for six months to make July 16 a very extraordinary day. That’s why I am enlisting the help of others to do my makeup on the big day.

First, I tried to get an idea of the look I was going for. I knew I wanted something natural, simple and elegant…

The main problem was that I didn’t know where to start looking for a makeup artist. I figured that, because she is in the beauty business, the girl who is doing my hair would have a recommendation, .

She suggested a girl she knows who does something like “makeup consultations” part-time, so I went with it a set up a time to meet with her. When she got to Dan’s parents’ house, which was where we planned to meet, I realized that she is actually a Mary Kay saleswoman.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I could tell from the beginning that she was just trying to sell me things. Still, we went through with some of the basics of moisturizer, primer, foundation, etc. It was looking pretty good.

But, when it came time to do the “makeup parts” she didn’t really have anything to offer β€” not even eyeliner! When everything was said and done, this is how it looked…

I knew it wasn’t really what I wanted for the wedding day, when I’m sure my hands will be shaky. I’m trying not to be too fussy, but I know it will be best to have someone else do my makeup.

After the Mary Kay girl left, I was talking to Dan’s mom about how I didn’t think it was going to work. I filled her in on what I am looking for on the wedding day and she said, “Hey, let’s just play around with it.”

A few minutes later, she came back with samples of never-been-used makeup and tons of Q-tips. As she got going, it became clear that she really knew what she was doing!

We talked it through step-by-step until I was happy with the look (plus a little lipstick)…

That’s why I decided that I am going to have Dan’s mom do my makeup on the wedding day! I’m going to feel so much more relaxed about the whole thing and she was happy to volunteered!

With that all wrapped up, Dan and I spent the rest of the afternoon at his parents’ house taking care of some more wedding business. After having dinner with them, we headed over to the high school track for a speedy three-mile run. We are officially back in training mode for Rock the Crossroads 5K on July 9!

Questions: Are you a hair pro, a makeup diva or a fashion fanatic? Will you/did you have someone else do your makeup for your wedding?


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