Bikini body confidence

Today was quite a big day for me. After months of browsing the web, scanning the stores and almost giving up on myself, I found a swim suit. That fits. That I feel good in. That I really, really love.

Like I said, it was a big day.

The thing is, bikinis are for me (and most women) tricky subjects. Even if we feel good enough to hypothetically wear one, we are still faced with the task of finding one that fits.

If it’s not a matter of a small bust, then it’s a matter of a small butt — there just always seems to be something “off.” Maybe that’s why nearly every teen or woman’s magazine devotes annual sections to “finding the perfect swimsuit.”


But, you know what, I think that sometimes we tell ourselves it doesn’t fit just so that we have an excuse. In reality, the most important thing about rocking a swimsuit isn’t about the way it accentuates your butt — it’s about feeling good, having fun and letting go of body anxiety.

That’s why, as the temperatures are heating up and the local pools are becoming more populated, I am making a few vows…

I vow to never avoid summertime fun, simple because of body insecurity.

I vow to stop obsessing about how I look and start reveling in all the fun that summer brings.

I vow to mentally compliment myself, just as I would so would compliment another person.

I vow to accept myself and my body this summer — or at least TRY.

All that really means is have fun with friends. Try new things. Spend days in the water and nights around a campfire. Go out and experience life, regardless of whether the dress code is a bikini of a ball gown.

My challenge is this: Will you agree to these same vows? Will you agree to having an awesome, self-confident summer?


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