Crappy blender, great smoothies

Today was everything that a Sunday should be.

Pancakes? Check.

Consumed: Three small, blueberry pancakes with plain Greek yogurt mixed grape jelly and peanut butter layered between the ‘cakes.

Dan and I spent the night at his parents’ house, which meant that we were able to enjoy a leisurely morning and pancakes — that weren’t cooked by me!

After heading back to Lawrence, we had some serious business to attend to: Dan had to start building a little tan before our cruise.

Time by the pool also gave me another chance to try out my new swimsuit!

Even though we got back to my house with ample time to cool down before dinner, there was still only one thing I wanted to eat: a smoothie! Who would have guessed it?

Dan’s mom mentioned to me the other day that I’ll have to show her how to make a good smoothie. But, I didn’t want to leave all you blog-readers out!

Simple Smoothie

Later in life, I would l-o-v-e to have a fancy blender that can grind up ice cubes, frozen fruit or metal bolts. But, for now, all I can afford is a cheap, plastic blender.

No worries, though. All that it really takes to make a great smoothie is a good technique.

Step #1: Pour in ~1 C milk of choice. I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Step #2: Add in ice cubes. I used three, which didn’t make it too “watered down.” A pro tip is to make milk ice cubes.

Step #3: Add in segments of the banana.

Step #4: Blend until smooth.

Step #5: Add in a tablespoon of protein. I used chocolate soy protein powder, but I often use peanut butter.

Step #6: Blend again until all of the protein powder (or nut butter) is diffused. Pour into a bowl or large glass and eat!

I have to admit that this is my “go to” recipe, but there are plenty of easy ways to mix up a smoothie. Here are a few options…

  • Use juice instead of milk.
  • Use yogurt instead of milk. This creates a creamier consistency.
  • Use fresh or frozen berries.
  • Use frozen bananas instead of ice cubes. This also creates a creamy consistency and leaves it less “watered down.”
  • Use iced coffee instead of milk.

Basically, there are as many options as the day is long. Maybe that’s why I love smoothies so much!

Questions: What’s your favorite smoothie blend? Do you have a nice blender?


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