Importance of asking

I know that one of the scariest things for me about becoming a vegetarian was not knowing what I was going to eat. Up until that point, my diet was some combination of chicken, potatoes and broccoli for almost every meal. So, I figured I would go pretty hungry by taking out one-third of that diet.

However, in my three years as a vegetarian, I have learned that there really are a ton of healthy options. In many ways, being a vegetarian has made me even more adventurous with my diet! (Hello, tofu!)

I’ve also been pleasantly surprised to learn how accommodating many restaurants are of vegetarianism — and that’s saying something, considering that I live in a state with more cows than people.

Take last night for example…

I drove out to Hiawatha, Kansas, where Dan is doing his internship. Similar to many small, Midwestern towns, there weren’t too many eating options. At the advice of the owner of the motel, we decided to go to a restaurant called the Country Cabin.

The menu was basically split into two food groups: beef and fried things. Nothing I was very interested in.

However, the waiter was really nice and the chef was walking around, chatting with people. I figured it would do any harm to ask if there were any more vegetarian options…

When I asked the waiter, he called the chef over, who asked, “Do you eat fish?”

“No,” I replied.

“Do you eat broccoli?”


“Ok, I’ll see what we can do,” the chef said as he walked away.

A little while later, Dan and I both got side salads. It was very basic with croutons, iceberg lettuce and shredded cheese, plus honey mustard dressing.

Still unaware of what my entrée was actually going to be, I eagerly watched every time the kitchen door swung open and the waiter cam out.

Finally, he came out with what I could identify as Dan’s trout dish and something else…

My “vegetarian surprise” turned out to be a seriously delicious pasta Primavera dish with sautéed onions, broccoli and some of the best sautéed mushrooms I’ve had. The pasta itself was well seasoned and tasty.

The only thing that could have made it better was if it was wheat pasta. Otherwise, I had zero complaints!

That just goes to show the importance of asking — Restaurants really just want to please!

Dan was also very, very happy with his dish and we were both happy with the setting.

After dinner, we took a stroll around the surrounding area.

The setting sun created a lovely glow on the wheat fields…

And on Dan’s face.

Whereas Dan doesn’t usually get back from his internship until 8:30, it was nice to be able to enjoy a full evening together.

Questions: Have you ever had any strange diet requests for restaurants? If you are vegetarian, do you find most people to be accommodating?

Notes: Do you think there is a “Hoarders: Sandwich Bread Edition”?

Oh, and as of today, it is ONE MONTH until the wedding!!


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