Our apartment, our home

With all the months of anticipation, it’s crazy to me that Dan and I are actually living in our apartment now. It’s as if none of the nomadic living, stress and anxiety even matters any more. Instead, all that matters is that Dan and I are able to be together in this little apartment, which is slowly beginning to feel like home.

Within the span of four days, we’ve transformed piles of boxes…

Into cohesive rooms…

And one of the best parts about it is that it’s all ours!

All the food in the fridge and pantry is ours…

All the clothes in the closets are ours…

All the chairs, book, bathroom items and more are o-u-r-s…

I’m not trying to sound like a greedy five-year-old, but after living with roommates for years, it’s nice to be in a place where I (and Dan) am the owner of everything I see.

Note: Dan just asked me where something was located and I said it was in “my room.” He was like, “YOUR room, huh?” Whoops — guess I’ll have to get used to using the plural possessive!

The only thing that is better than owning all the items, is the fact that I get to spend every morning, day and night with *this guy.*

With less than a month to go until the wedding, it’s extra important for me to keep everything in perspective. Sure, I want the wedding to go smoothly and be enjoyable. But, if came down to having a great wedding OR a great marriage, I would choose the second without a moment of hesitation. I mean, who wouldn’t?

That’s yet another reason why I love having Dan around: He helps me stay grounded, realistic and optimistic.

Time to go check a few more things off the to-do list, but I’ll be back soon with that aforementioned recipe.

Questions: Do you want to write a guest post for me to run while Dan and I are honeymooning? You don’t need a blog, just a health-related topic and a few pictures! Please email me at pursuitofhealthfulness@gmail.com if you are interested. I just ask for the posts to be submitted by July 2, so that I can get them organized!


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