Decorating small spaces

All right, I may have exaggerated the role that Dan’s played in decorating. He really has been helpful in confirming some of the design plans, but I think we would both agree that I’m the team captain.

This is a role that I’ve actually really enjoyed. Although I am probably not the next big star of HGTV, I do enjoy the process of designing — especially in a small space, where I have to get creative!

Even though I am far from finished with the apartment, I’ve already put a few design tips to the test…

Plan ahead with large purchases.

I am a fan of natural finishes on wooden furniture, but it also bugs me when things don’t exactly match. For that reason, I anticipated it would be a problem if I bought my bedroom set from one place, my desk from another and my bookcase from somewhere else — they would look similar, but slightly “off” in color.

Instead, I bought a bedroom set with a black finish.

As anticipated, when I had to go back and buy a desk from another place, it seemed to match perfectly!

Someday, when I have more money to spend, I would like to have my natural finished wood furniture. But, for now, this is a great, sleek-looking solution!

Keep pretty things on display.

This might sound like a no brainer, but it’s especially helpful in small living spaces. Rather than worrying about getting every little thing put away, I pick and choose.

For example, it’s no big deal to leave my red, patterned purse hanging on the bed. I actually like the bust of color it adds to the room!

However, I am more diligent about storing the remainder of my purses away. There’s a fine line between style and clutter!

Remember that storage can add to the space.

I take pride in my collection of antique jewelry boxes, so I really didn’t want to store them away under a cabinet. Instead, by keeping them out on the dresser, they can be both functional and fashionable…

The same concept applies to the large storage chest I keep next to my bed.

Even though I could have bought a cheap storage container for $10, it wouldn’t be something to keep on display. Instead, I opted to spend a bit more on the chest, which works as decoration and storage.

Utilize space without cluttering it.

One of my favorite parts about the kitchen is all of the storage space that I have. However, that doesn’t mean that I have to store everything away. I love having “show” pieces — such as white platters, cake stands and vases — out on display.

By keeping the items on top of the cabinets, it actually gives the illusion of a bigger space with higher ceilings. Score!

Now that I have the kitchen and bedroom pretty well under control, the next tasks are to tackle the living room and bathroom. Details on the decoration of those spaces to come… As soon as I figure them out!

Questions: What decoration tips do you have for small spaces?

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