Frame fame

Without a doubt, the hardest part of planning a wedding was the early stage. We had to figure out the guest list, find a venue, book a photographer, etc.

Within that first month, it seemed like Dan and I were making on big decision a day.

But, in the time since then, everything has been so. much. more. spaced. out.

One week we decide on the menu… The next we change it.

One week we figure out what favors we want… The next we buy them.

One week we come up with an idea for the guest book…. The next we make it.

It’s really been kind of leisurely like that for the past few months. But, now it’s crunch time. Like someone eating kettle chips at a monastery kind of crunch.

That’s why I was glad when my mom and sister agreed to come to town for two days to help me with some of the small details.

Example #1. Photo frames for fun at the reception.

If I had $1,000 to spare, I would have loved to have a photo booth. But, to be a little more economical, we decided to set up an area where guests can take fun pictures with empty frames, such as this one from a wedding that my friend went to…

So, after Marian and my mom got into town, we headed over to Hobby Lobby — “the H.L.” as I’ve grown to call it during these past few months — to check out some empty frames.

Can you see it?

After finishing up at The H.L., we all headed over to Dan’s hometown so that my mom and sister could see the church for the first time and we could eat at the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner will be. We also met up with Dan’s mom and sister!

We were hoping to get the rehearsal dinner menu figured out, but we didn’t end up making much headway on that. One step at a time, right?

The rest of the evening was more about spending time with my mom and sister than figuring out more details. It’s all about balance!

The next day, we picked up a few supplies from World Market, including some colorful napkins to place underneath the centerpeices at the reception — like this!

Before my mom and sister had to take off, we worked on checking a few more things off the checklist.

One month countdown…

  • Figure out bridal brunch. The morning of the wedding, we are planning a small gathering for out-of-town female guests, such as my aunts, cousins and friends from other states. It’s all going to be pretty casual, but I think it will be a good day to kick-off the day!
  • Plan out the “day-of” schedule. With six bridesmaids to help coordinate, a brunch, the drive to the church and all the other little details to keep straight, it was necessary to plan it all out ahead of time!
  • Visualize the favor bar. Similar to the candy bars that I’ve seen in some wedding pictures, we are going to make a granola bar with a few varieties of granola and tons of toppings. Then, we’ll have little brown paper bags for people to fill with their own customized granola as the favors at the reception!
  • Begin laying out the seating chart. We’re not going to stress about individual seats, but we are going to assign people to certain tables. Some of the odd numbers make it tricky!

Naturally, there are still a few things that left to do, but much of that is up to Dan and me! For some reason, I don’t think that my mom and Marian will be much help in writing the vows…

P.S. It’s actually closer to three weeks until the wedding than a full month!

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