Something like a bachelorette party

Sunday night started off like this…

And digressed to this…

I swear it’s not as bad as it looks. Allow me to go back and explain…

As a last-minute kind of thing, a few of my high school girlfriends decided to come down to Kansas City for a day of shopping and a night of fun. The justification behind it was that it was my bachelorette party, but I think it was really just a good excuse to have much-needed girl time.

Before they swung through Lawrence to pick me up, I got in the mood…

With a delicious smoothie of a banana, fresh strawberries, chocolate protein powder, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and ice cubes + cottage cheese and Kashi Go Lean cereal.

My girlies got into Lawrence around lunchtime, so we decided to do lunch on familiar turf before continuing over to Kansas City. Shockingly, I didn’t suggest we go to Esquina. Instead, we ate at Milton’s, a brunch place downtown.

Consumed: Flatbread with fresh herbs and goat cheese.

Fueled up, we were ready to take on Kansas City!

We stayed directly on Country Club Plaza, which is a downtown neighborhood filled with great boutiques, delicious restaurants and a fun atmosphere.

We couldn’t get into the hotel quite yet, so we wasted some time hitting up a few of the stores. It was rough.

Shortly before dinner, we checked into our sweet suite at the Sheraton Suites.

I think we all considered going down to the pool…

Instead, we opted for rest before getting ready for dinner.

We walked a couple of blocks over to Brio, a Tuscan-style grill. While we were out shopping earlier in the day, I had the chance to check out the menu, so I had pretty high expectations.

Problem was, I think we got the most awkward waiter ever — seriously.

When we told the waiter we were in for my bachelorette party, he got a semi-disgusted look on his face and said, “You came here?”

It would  have been funny, except the food wasn’t really that good. I got a Mediterranean pasta dish with a side salad, but the lighting was poor and the food was bland, so I won’t bore you with the pictures.

At least we had fun!

The real culinary highlight was when we walked another block over to McCormick and Schmick’s. (<< Where we went for Dan’s 21st!)

Among the five of us, we d-e-voured one chocolate bag, which was filled with vanilla mousse and fresh berries.

We also split some apple pie with cinnamon ice cream…

But I’m not going to lie: I only had eyes for the chocolate bag.

After we were drunk on sugar  — and sugar only — we walked back to the hotel. It was then that Katie hit a bump and took a little spill. It wasn’t anything bad, but it was fun to give her a hard time. She’s a good sport!

The rest of the night, we hung out in the hotel room, playing Mad Gab, watching “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” and laughing the night away. At some point way past my usual bedtime, we set phone alarms, shut off the lights and went to sleep. Apparently that’s when things really started to get crazy, because our hotel got directly hit by lightning and the both the power and the backup generators went out.

When we woke up, the power was still out, the hallways were extra dark and the stairs were even darker — which was a problem, considering we were on the ninth floor! We managed to get everything packed up pretty quickly, because we sure-as-heck didn’t want to hike up the flights of stairs to get our luggage later.

However, the power outage really worked to our advantage, because the hotel made the normally pricey breakfast totally free! We took advantage…

Consumed: Oatmeal with granola, fresh berries, part of a crumbled muffin and a little cream cheese.

Unfortunately, the fun eventually had to come to an end… At least until the wedding!

Questions: What would you do for your ideal bachelorette party? Have you ever been to one?

I love how well my friends know me — there were no blow-up penises, strippers or anything too crazy. Thank goodness!

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